Jim Carrey reacts to situation of Kentucky teens wearing 'MAGA' hats with a mocking new picture

Junie Sihlangu
Jan 24, 2019
09:24 A.M.
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Last week, a group of students from Covington Catholic High School were filmed in now viral and controversial videos.  In the clips, the boys appeared to be making fun of a Native American man.


People have shared their differing opinions on the confrontation including celebrities. One star who shared his opinion this week was Jim Carrey.

Covington Catholic High School, an all-boys school in Northern Kentucky, has come under fire for the behavior of their students. Last week, an Indigenous Peoples' March was held at the Lincoln Memorial and it was attended by Native Americans among others.


Nick Sandmann, 16, a junior at the high school, was filmed clashing with Omaha tribe member and Vietnam War veteran, Nathan Phillips, 64, last Friday. The student was seen standing face-to-face with the elderly man while smiling and smirking.

In the background, his schoolmates, who also wore red “Make America Great Again (MAGA)” caps, were seen mocking and cheering for Sandmann as he stood still. Phillips banged a drum in front of the boy during the confrontation.


On Tuesday, comedian, actor, and artist Jim Carrey took to Twitter to share an artwork that depicted his take on the incident. Phillips was drawn standing in front of Sandmann who had a smirk on his face.

A number of other students were drawn wearing red caps but Sandmann’s appeared to be altered in the depiction. Carrey seemed to have changed it to partially read “Hate Again.”


The actor captioned his latest work, “Baby snakes.” In a statement to Savannah Guthrie while on the “Today” show Sandmann said:

"As far as standing there. I had every right to do so. My position is that I was not disrespectful to Mr. Phillips, I respect him, I'd like to talk to him."

He, however, acknowledged that "In hindsight, I wish we could have walked away and avoided the whole thing." The student also revealed that there was a third group involved in the controversy on that day.


The Hebrew Israelites apparently shouted rude slurs at the teenagers like "incest kids, bigots,” and “racist." The group taunted the students while they were waiting for buses to take them home after the attended a March For Life event.

Phillips got involved in the drama when he walked in between the two groups to apparently diffuse the situation and that’s when he was confronted by Sandmann and his schoolmates.


CNN reporter Sara Sidner said:

“We know now from a longer video that there was a lot going on, a lot of tension being hurled at these kids from four black men standing there who call themselves 'Hebrew Israelites.' They started all this tension and you saw there, Nathan Phillips, walking up with his drum coming in between the two groups."

The student explained his actions saying:

"I was not intentionally making faces at the protester. I did smile at one point because I wanted him to know that I was not going to become angry, intimidated or be provoked into a larger confrontation. I am a faithful Christian and practicing Catholic, and I always try to live up to the ideals my faith teaches me — to remain respectful of others, and to take no action that would lead to conflict or violence."


He added:

"I am mortified that so many people have come to believe something that did not happen — that students from my school were chanting or acting in a racist fashion toward African-Americans or Native Americans. I did not do that, do not have hateful feelings in my heart, and did not witness any of my classmates doing that."

On Thursday, Phillips is scheduled to appear on the “Today” show for a similar interview.


Sandmann and his family have retained the services of a public relations firm called RunSwitch. The company is run, in part, by a former member of Senator Mitch McConnell's staff.

They issued a statement confirming that they had “been retained by the Sandmann family to offer professional counsel with what has become a national media story. We are working with the family to ensure an accurate recounting of events which occurred this past weekend.”