Video of mother who wrote adorable potty training song for little daughter became a viral hit

This mom thought of composing a song as a clever way of teaching her daughter how to potty train, and it has gone viral. 

Stacia D. Wright, a radio host, and producer, used her skills in a smart way by composing a song to help her 2-year-old daughter potty train. On a Facebook video that she posted, she and her toddler could be heard singing an original duet that they wrote together to help her remember what she needs to do when she heads to the bathroom.

Although the song might sound funny to some, it is actually a catchy way to help the little girl remember the proper way of using the potty at her young age. The song goes:

"Poo poo in the potty. Tell mommy when you need to pee. Tell mommy when you need to poo."

While it may sound like such simple words, it has actually been quite effective when sung. In the caption for the video, Wright shared how difficult it has been for her to potty train her little girl. However, since they came up with the silly song, it has been much easier. The only challenge now is to get her to actually follow the instructions.

Now with over 1.2 million views on Facebook, it's clear that the potty training song has had moms and dads from around the world resonating with them, as they probably experience the same struggles in their own homes. 

Helping out "poor desperate parents like me" was the reason why Stacia posted the video on Facebook in the first place, and now that the song has reached millions of people, the song is definitely being used by a whole lot of toddlers now as they try and practice their potty training in their own homes. 

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