'No Trump supporters': Chicago bar sets up new rules banning visitors with cubs and MAGA hats

A recently opened bar in Chicago’s Hyde Park is making a bold statement by sharing a set of cheeky and potentially controversial house rules.

The Hyde Chi took to Instagram to share the ‘House Rules’ so that they can successfully ban ‘negative people’ from their bar. One of the rules on the 16-point list reads, ‘No Trump supporters.’

The post even goes as far as to request the audience to ‘unfollow’ the page if they have any problem with the house rules.

“There’s no room for negative people in our house. If you don’t understand the industry and are ignorant to the humor in this then do us a favor and hit that unfollow button,” the caption to the Instagram post read.

"… and if you don’t listen to that, the host will escort you out and you won’t be allowed in next time."

However, this is not the only surprising rule set by the bar. There are other similar rules including rule number 5 that reads, “No Cubs Fans,” and the very first rule that goes, ‘No cell phone use inside the lounge.’

If the bar had wanted to grab people’s attention with its statement, it definitely did so with the Instagram post. It has gathered over thousands of likes since being posted.

Meanwhile, Chicago Sun Times reported that the house rules set by the bar are meant to be funny. However, ignoring some of these rules can also get guests kicked out of the bar.

The owner of The Hyde, Jovanis Bouargoub, spoke with the source and informed that the ‘House Rules’ shared on social media is also pinned to the door of the bar that is located in the lower level of 5115 S. Harper Ave.

“If we see you checking your emails or your social media, then the host or one of the staff will tell you to please put your phone away … and if you don’t listen to that, the host will escort you out and you won’t be allowed in next time. We’re very serious about that.”

Jovanis Bouargoub, Chicago Sun Times, January 30, 2019

He also clarified that the rules regarding banning Cubs fans as well as Trump supporters are meant to be funny, but actually wearing a Cubs jersey or MAGA hats into the bar may be restricted.

Bouargoub also laughed off the fact that many people fail to see the “humor” in the set of rules created by the bar.

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