FLOTUS is a strong force in the White House who protects her husband, new tell-all book claims

An explosive book exposed Melania Trump as the powerhouse in the White House household, who is determined on protecting her husband from the political chaos and backstabbing in the West Wing.

Written by former White House communications aide Cliff Sims, the book titled “Team of Vipers” revealed that the First Lady even pushed for staff changes when she felt Donald Trump’s aides were being disloyal.

The tell-all book from Sims is all set to release on February 5, according to Washington Examiner, who obtained an early copy.

The source explained that the book portrays FLOTUS as the “savvy consumer of news,” who spends several hours of her day watching television coverage as well as news stories featuring the West Wing.

“We’re going to do this together. And you’re going to be a great president.”

When a 2017 article in Politico quoted the President’s then communications director Mike Duke as telling White House staff that POTUS required a “rebrand” and he lacked a coherent foreign policy, it was Melania who called Oval Office to alert Donald.

According to the book, Dubke denied making such statement but nevertheless resigned from the White House only a month later.

Sims’s book also denied the claim of another tell-all book from Michael Wolff, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” that Melania was in tears following Donald’s election as the President of the United States in 2016.

The author dismissed that claim, along with several other claims made in Wolff’s book, as “second-or-third-hand rumors.”

Sims also detailed the events of the day Donald was elected the president of the United States. He explained that during the historical verdict, he turned “speechless” and looked “just for the briefest of moments, vulnerable.”

At that time, it was Melania who held Donald’s hand and lent him her strength, which is contrary to the popular belief that Melania is a “put-upon spouse” who only wants to escape Donald.

“In that moment, she reached for her husband’s hand and squeezed it,” Sims wrote in his book. According to him, Melania then told Donald, “We’re going to do this together. And you’re going to be a great president.”

Previously, a book titled "Fear: Trump in the White House" also came out as a tell-all book about the Trump Presidency, and revealed intimate details about Donald's relationship with Melania.

Released on  September 11,  2018, the book managed to sell more than 75,000 copies on the first day.

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