Outrage after 4-month-old baby is swung by the feet as part of a street performance

A Russian couple traveling through Malaysia was arrested after giving a "show" at the cost of the physical integrity of their daughter.

The video of a father holding his 4-month-old baby by the feet and throwing it over his head has outraged thousands of social media users. The couple is a pair of Russian musicians who traveled through Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and performed street shows.

They had been a little over a month in the Asian country and came up with one of the most horrible ideas that a father could make: putting his child in danger and pretending to make money with it.

The father swinging the baby girl over his head l Source: Facebook / Zayl Chia Abdulla

The father swinging the baby girl over his head l Source: Facebook / Zayl Chia Abdulla

Before a crowd, the unconscious parents performed their "show" without thinking that they would get into serious problems. And among the alarmed audience was Zayl Chia Abdulla, who filmed them and reported them to the police through her Facebook’s account.

The video already has more than 60 thousand views and next to the images the indignant woman also told that many people who witnessed the "spectacle" asked the man to stop, "but he pretended that nothing was happening."

In the publication, the outraged woman tagged Unicef, In Hope and ECPAT foundations to report the "irresponsible act" of these two people, which could cause serious injuries to the baby.

The crowd asked the man to stop but he didn't l Facebook / Zayl Chia Abdulla

The crowd asked the man to stop but he didn't l Facebook / Zayl Chia Abdulla

"Why is the authority allowing such an act to be displayed to the public? These street performers need to be arrested! Please do something."

When they were finally found by the police, the parents, aged 27 and 28, apologized about what had happened saying that they had to fund the trip through Southeast Asia in some way. Maybe they thought they would make a lot of money playing the acrobats with a newborn child.

Baby sleeping l Source: Pixabay

Baby sleeping l Source: Pixabay

In the video, the mother is seen sitting on the floor while smiling while watching the function, while the father throws a visibly uncomfortable baby into the air.

However, the most unusual thing happened when the couple gave their testimony to the news website Free Malaysia Today (FMT), saying that her daughter "likes this exercise".

The head of the police in the Malaysian capital, Mazlan Lazim, told AFP that the baby is unharmed, but that nothing justifies what the Russian couple did.

A baby just 41 days old lost both legs after being violently assaulted by his parents in 2014. The couple, consisting of Jody Simpson, 24, and Antony Smith, 47, beat their son, Tony Smith Junior, so brutally that his limbs were broken in eight parts.

So much was the damage they caused him, that the baby was about to die. Fortunately, the doctors managed to save him, but at the cost of amputating his legs.

A 10-year sentence is being served by the heartless parents, but according to the media, those sentenced showed no regrets when they were presented at Maidstone Crown Court.

This reminds us of the story of Little Ambar; the 1-year-old had been placed in the care of her aunt because her mother could no longer take care of her due to drug-related problems. And sadly, the girl’s father has also been absent from her short life.

The girl’s aunt and her partner said that the child had fallen over, but the damage that the doctors assessed made it clear this was far from the truth. The doctors found that she had been sexually abused; a crime that resulted in her death.

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