Woman bewitched judges with her mesmerizing sand art, earns Golden Buzzer

Ukrainian artist Kseniya Simonova, from Ukraine, won the hearts of the audience and the judges after her heartwarming performance during an episode of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

Simon Cowell was so impressed by Simonova’s artwork, telling her that it was genuine and fantastic to witness her creativity unfold before their eyes.

“In my opinion, you are one of the best contestants we’ve had over the years around all over the world,” Cowell can be heard saying in the clip uploaded on the show’s YouTube channel.

Simonova, 33, who was the champion of Ukraine’s Got Talent in 2009, brought her art in America to let everyone know that her country is an artistic place.


Before she began her art, Simonova told the judges that she would tell a story of a child who forgot his parents after becoming an artist.

As the background music plays, Simonova created a galaxy, followed by an image of a pregnant woman beside her husband. They then bear a child.

The child grows up and becomes an artist. His father called and told him that his mother died. On the cemetery, he saw his father hunched by the tomb of his mother.

Simonova transformed the father’s body into a tombstone where the artist cried over the loss of his parents.

She ended her art with the words “Don’t be late.”


Terry Crews, the new host of the show said he had goosebumps watching Simonova’s art performance.

“I have never been more impressed with the ability to move people the way you did today,” Crews said, who then pressed the golden buzzer on the judges’ table.

Another memorable performance on America’s Got Talent that had a judge pressing the golden buzzer was that of 13-year-old Courtney Hadwin.

The British girl flew all the way to Los Angeles to audition. Because of her shy demeanor when she stepped on stage, the judges never expected her to sound like Tina Turner once the music started. She went on to become a new global sensation.

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