Floyd Mayweather flaunts his wealth by sipping from a gold cup while wearing diamond bling in video

Monica Otayza
Feb 12, 2019
02:59 P.M.
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Floyd Mayweather is one of the richest athletes in the world, and he is not afraid to show it. In one of his most recent Instagram updates, he casually flaunts his wealth, telling haters to back off if they didn't like it. 


With a whopping net worth of almost one billion dollars, Floyd Mayweather can buy anything he wants. That is why he, too, can post whatever he wants on social media. This weekend, he chose to remind his social media followers of the power and influence he has because of his money. 

The video started by showing off bundles of 100 dollar bills on the floor until it slowly moves up to show a golden chalice that Floyd is holding. On both his wrists, he wore stacks of gold and silver bracelets with diamonds, a Versace piece, and stacks of heavy diamond, gold, and silver chain necklaces on his neck. As the video moves towards his face, he then takes a sip from the chalice, as his eyes are covered in a pair of diamond-encrusted sunglasses. 


On his caption, he calls himself "real royalty," as everything he is wearing is 100% real. Yes, even the chalice that he is sipping wine from. 


"Real Royalty. Everything I got on is real, even the cup I’m sipping out of is real gold and if you don’t like it... you’re a REAL HATER! Now that’s some real [expletive]"


Mayweather, nicknamed "Money," amassed his fortune from his boxing fights and his company, Mayweather Promotions. His 2015 fight against Manny Pacquiao broke sports records when it grossed a $600 million. Since his company co-promoted the fight, Floyd ended up taking home at least $200 million. 


The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight was so huge, both athletes topped Forbes' Celebrity 100 list as the highest-paid superstars of 2015. While Mayweather took home $300 million, Pacquiao took home $160 million. 

Aside from his boxing career and his company, Mayweather has also brought home money from endorsing various products throughout the years. It was his recent fight with Connor McGregor that brought his estimated net worth to almost a billion dollars. 



Behind the strong and mighty Floyd Mayweather are four children, whom he says he does all of his work for. Although he claims he works hard for his kids, he can still spare a lot for himself because of the amount of money he has. His kids include Iyanna Mayweather, Koraun Mayweather, Zion Shamaree Mayweather, and Jirah Mayweather. He had his eldest daughter Iyanna with Melissa Brim, whom he met at a Vegas lounge. He went on to have three other children with Josie Harris. 

However, Floyd co-parents all his kids with their moms and provides for them. Money has never been a problem for them, and it surely won't be. After all, if Floyd can spend a few hundred grand on a chalice and millions on jewelry, he can most definitely provide for the rest of his family.