February 13, 2019

Couple sparked debate claiming they don't want to 'bring another human to contaminate' the world

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The fiancees explained that their decision was based on a wide range of issues, such as witnessing how children are affected by "drugs, violence, and cruelty."

A young couple from Medellin, Colombia, provoked a heated debate on social media, after announcing that they will never have babies since they do not want to pollute the world.

This is Nathalie Guzman and Andrés Flu, who explained that they do not want to take this step, simply out of fear of what their children might find in a "cruel" world.


In this way, Flu wrote in his account: "We want to share with you the great joy. WE WILL NEVER BE PARENTS. "

"We accept a life in which we will always buy toys for ourselves, we can travel without limitations, walk naked around the house and more," he added.

This couple, who have been engaged since 2015, based their decision on a wide range of issues, such as witnessing how children are affected by "drugs, violence, and cruelty."


But Flu added the real reason for its radical decision, which is that "the most important thing is to contribute to the conservation of the planet that is so overpopulated and damaged. We are not going to bring another human to contaminate him. "

Guzmán and Flu expressed surprise at the number of young couples who had taken the same step.

"I am aware that not everyone should think like us, that the human race should continue," Guzmán wrote.

He also noted that he admires people who plan a child to educate him with love every day and that "they care about raising a good human being who contributes to the planet."



There were users who praised them for this brave decision, such as Mila Rodríguez, who commented that "everyone is free to do what seems best and if for them it is fabulous not to have children, great".

Javier Rangel also agreed with the feeling of the couple about the publication through Facebook.

And it is that for Guzman it has been terrible to see so many children suffering in the street, so many drugs, violence, and cruelty. But as they received the support of some users, other detractors also appeared.


This is the case of Pily Tejeda, whose comment reflects total bewilderment and anger when she states that the young couple is "very stupid" even to reach that conclusion.

"I think it's not an intelligent way to describe or explain why they do not want to have children," Tejeda wrote.


Raphael Samuel, a man from India who is 27 years old, belongs to the antinatalist movement of that country, which stands out as the second most populated in the world. He emphasizes that he is opposed to being a father on moral grounds.


This decision, for him, has not been for free. And he accuses his parents of having fathered him only to satisfy his joy and personal pleasure. For this reason, seeks to sue their parents for having conceived "without their consent."

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