Police visit Chris Brown after he openly threatened Offset

The police visited Chris Brown's house after he made an open threat against Offset following their Instagram feud. 

Chris Brown first posted a meme about 21 Savage's immigration case, which he found funny. In turn, Offset called the "New Flame" singer out for this low blow, calling him "lame." This then escalated into an Instagram DM fight, wherein Brown told the Migos rapper to "pull up on him."

This move has gotten him some unwanted attention from the cops, saying that the Los Angeles Police District was notified after a concerned citizen hoped to check on the musician's well-being. 

On a now-deleted Instagram post, Chris Brown posted his San Fernando Valley address not only for Offset to see but all of his 50 million followers as well. Police enforcement showed up last Friday and spoke to his security detail, who said that there have been no issues or disturbances since he posted his address. 

Realizing that it was probably not a good idea to publicize his address, Brown deleted the photo off of his page. 

The controversial clip that started the entire feud was one of 21 Savage rapping, however, his voice was dubbed over someone else's voice with a British accent. It was a blow that Chris aimed at the rapper, who was detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for overstaying his 2005 visa. 

While it seemed as if Chris was actually trying to defend the rapper, Offset took it the wrong way and thought of the singer as making fun of his friend. This did not sit well with him, and the two ended up fighting. 

Now that the two artists are clearly not in good terms, their fans can kiss their collaboration wishes goodbye especially now that it seems the two won't be rekindling their friendship anytime soon. 

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