Rob and Khloé Kardashian's daughters bond over books and toys in heart-melting pics

True Thompson and Dream Kardashian are turning out to be the best of friends, and this is all thanks to their parents' planned playdates for them. 

Although all the Kardashian cousins seem to be close, True and Dream have been bonding a lot more than usual. The two have gone to numerous playdates together, including trips to the fire station, and now, the bookstore. Just like a big sister, Dream has been taking care of True in a lot of instances, and Khloe makes sure to photograph these beautiful memories. 

Their most recent cousin trip was to a local bookstore, where the two beautiful cousins could be seen enjoying the books and stuffed toys on display. Of course, being the proud mom that she is, Khloe snapped photographs of them having a great time and the results were adorable. 

The two cousins also spend a lot of time with the rest of the young Kardashians, recently joining a Baby Class that taught them how to sing in Spanish with Chicago and Stormi. 

The four adorable little girls moved to a few nursery rhymes accompanied by their aunt Khloe, but it's clear through the videos she posted that True and Dream really are closer to one another. After all, they're almost always together thanks to the playdates that their parents prepare for them. 

Aside from Dream, True is also close to her cousin Chicago West, whom she traveled with to Bali recently. Thanks to their mothers' busy schedules, the two toddlers were able to experience an out-of-the-country trip like the luxurious babies they are. 

Having been born just a few months apart, it comes with no surprise that the two are already extremely close as toddlers. While it's mainly because their mothers have been putting them right beside each other since they were both born, we have no doubt that the first cousins will end up being each other's best friends in the future, just like how Kim and Khloe call them now. 

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