Ann Coulter slams Trump over national emergency declaration: "If he signs this bill, it's over:"

Right-wing political commentator Ann Coulter criticized Trump’s latest moves in his effort to secure funding for the wall he promised his voters he was going to build, as she thinks he is just pretending to win his fight.

According to Coulter, Trump’s signing of a spending bill to prevent another shutdown, even when Congress is not approving the amount he requested, means that he has given in to Democrats in this subject.

To her, the President’s recent declaration of emergency, which he assures will allow him to finish the controversial concrete wall over the US-Mexico border, is just an attempt to make his supporters think he is accomplishing something.

“The goal is to get Trump’s stupidest voters to say ‘HE’S FIGHTING. No, he’s not. If he signs this bill, it’s over.”

-Ann Coulter, Twitter, February 14, 2019.

Coulter, known for her conservative views, has been supportive of Trump as she strongly agrees with him about the necessity of a physical barrier along the southern border, but his failure to reach a deal to make this a reality has turned her against him.

Although Coulter introduced Trump during some of his political rallies, the US president downplayed the nature of his relationship to the 57-year-old when asked about her influence in his wall-building plans.

"Ann Coulter, I don't know her. I hardly know her. I haven't spoken to her in way over a year. The press loved saying 'Ann Coulter.' Probably if I did speak to her, she'd be really nice. I just don't have the time to speak to her," Trump said.

As Politico suggests, Trump might have felt pressured when some of his allies in the media, such as Coulter, turned against him because of his failure to deliver the wall, prompting his decision to declare the state of emergency.

He expected the declaration of emergency to help him gain support back from his political base, but Coulter is disappointed by his proposed solution, since she believes it still doesn’t guarantee the wall to be built in the near future.

Coulter first called Trump out on Twitter in December, shortly before the government entered the longest shutdown in US history, implying that by agreeing to the Democrat’s funding bill he was letting his voters down.


As The Hill reported, Trump stopped following Coulter on Twitter around the time of the tweet above, when she also threaten to not support his reelection if he doesn’t achieve any progress on the border wall by next year.

The president currently follows only 45 people in his favorite social network, and most of them are members of his closest staff, with the exception of Fox News hosts Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham.

While he openly dismissed Coulter as someone whose opinion he cared about in the least way, Trump had nicer things to say about Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, but he insisted that “they don’t decide policy.”

Trump's controversial decision of declaring a national emergency has met with criticism and resistance along the US political spectrum, and he will most likely be facing legal action from federal courts trying to stop the measure.

California State Democratic governor Gavin Newsom already announced that he is at the final stages of a plan to introduce a lawsuit with the support of the state’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra to prevent the national emergency to be applied.

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