63-year-old woman dared to spend $68K to magically transform herself into a 'sex goddess'

Laurel Sturt was once a 56-year-old school teacher and single mother who hit rock bottom at 242 pounds.

Battling feelings of loneliness and weakness, her frustration and low self-esteem just brought more isolation and worry about growing older. She opened up to the NY Post, 

"You're supposed to accept yourself, but it's depressing looking in the mirror and not likinig what you see."

She knew her desire for love and acceptance would not be helped by her constant stress-eating and that's when she decided to invest in herself and embark on a major makeover that yielded successful physical and emotional results. 

Laurel's road to becoming Mrs. Hot began when she lost 80 pounds two years after she quit smoking, switched to healthy eating, and began an exercise regime of free weights, yoga, belly-dancing, and kickboxing. 

All that weight loss presented new issues of sagging skin on her face and body. The solution was clear: plastic surgery. In no time, she racked up a grand total of $68,000 worth of breast and arm lifts, lower body and thigh lifts, two face-lifts, blepharoplasty, plus fillers and Botox, to achieve the body of her dreams.

Gifting herself with a new lifestyle and body to match, Sturt became armed with a renewed confidence and passion for life.  She joined online dating sites that introduced her to a mob of men. She tells the Post,

"The men were just icing on the cake!"

Written under the blogger name Mrs. Hot, "The Book of Hot: A Manifesto" became her next project. The goal is to empower more women in their 50s and 60s by sharing her story and giving them tips and ideas to reach their goals with the  message,

"It ain't over till it's over!"

Today, she is remarried to a much younger man, 35 years younger to be exact. She feels she has finally found the happiness, love, and companionship she sought while spreading inspiration to all who may need it.

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