Mary J. Blige defends Cardi B on ‘The View‘ amid growing Grammy win backlash

Mary J. Blige defended Cardi B during her interview on "The View" after she received heavy backlash over her Grammy win last weekend. 

"No more drama" is what Mary J. Blige wishes between women artists, asking fans to stop pitting women against one another.

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul appeared on Monday's episode of "The View," where she did not hold back on discussing the controversy surrounding the Grammy Awards, where people began bashing Cardi B's "best rap album win" while comparing her with Nicki Minaj. 

According to Blige, there's no need for negativity between women artists especially since they are in a male-dominated society and a male-dominated business. 

“I think it’s negative because we’ve suffered enough amongst a male-dominated society and a male-dominated business. We suffer enough amongst each other. When you see us trying to do something, at least try to bring us together. At least try to lift us up together.”


According to the singer, women need to lift each other up and not bring each other down. She also says that people should let Cardi enjoy her moment of winning a Grammy, as there's enough for everyone. 

“There’s enough everything for everyone. Why can’t Cardi win the Grammy? There’s enough for everyone. Why can’t she have her moment?”

Cardi's Post-Grammy Drama

A day after Cardi B took home her Grammy, she had to deactivate her Instagram account after she received criticism and hate. 

She posted a profanity-filled video on her Instagram story calling out her critics who said she didn't deserve to win a Grammy.

After that, she deactivated her account. However, a couple of days after the storm blew over, she decided to go back to posting on Instagram. 

Aside from Cardi defending her win to her haters, there are also a bunch of other artists who stood by her side to defend her.

One is Chance the Rapper, who said it would be "inconceivable" not to honor Cardi that night for her album with front-to-back hits. 

With her win, Cardi became the eighth female rapper to win a Grammy Award and is now among the likes of Lil Kim, Salt N Pepa, Lauryn Hill, and Missy Elliot.

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