89-year-old man banned from seeing his wife starts a wheelchair protest outside her care home

Gracious Egedegbe
Feb 22, 2019
07:23 A.M.
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89-year-old Dennis Daniels gets banned from visiting his sick wife in a Grimsby care home for being too loud and disruptive, so, he starts a protest against the care home.


The Anchorage Care Home on Rutland Street, Grimsby specializes with the handling of issuesrequiring enhanced dementia care. It is at this care home that Dorine, the wife of Mr. Daniels for 70 years of his life was admitted.


Mr. Daniels' grievances with the care home got out of hand when the manager asked him to leave after he carried out continuous banging on Dorine's door while also shouting at her.

During his 70 years with Dorine, he has made sure to see her "every single day of their marriage." He interpreted the message of the manager as not just a dismissal but a ban and therefore decided to let the neighborhood know of his plight with the care home.

He set up a protest outside the home to draw attention while sitting on his wheelchair, saying:

"I have decided to start a picket outside the Anchorage Care Home because they are not allowing me to see my wife."


On Monday night, the manager told me four times that I must "leave her home" as I was being noisy, loud, temperamental, and abusive, when I was trying to get some help and support for my wife.


Mr. Daniels held up a sign with the caption “THEY WILL NOT LET ME VISIT MY WIFE” for passersby and motorists to see in a bid to gain their support. Hica Group, which runs the Anchorage, released a statement about this happening through their spokesman who said:

“We recognize the complex and sensitive issues around this particular situation with Mr. Daniels and his wife, a long-time resident at the Anchorage. It is not a straightforward situation.“

Mr. Daniels is a regular visitor to the home, usually seeing his wife daily. They have a loving relationship, which we respect.

“We’re a little surprised by his recent actions. Our dedicated staff is always monitoring the wellbeing and safeguarding of residents. We are trying to engage with Mr. Daniels and have called in support of local Social Services to reach an amicable solution.”

Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon and he will be allowed to see his dear wife again.