Theresa Caputo’s Ex-Husband Introduces New ‘Baby Boo’ Just a Few Months after Their Divorce

Larry Caputo seems to have found love again as he recently shared a photo of himself alongside his new girlfriend.

The 62-year-old, known for his role on TLC's show "Long Island Medium," can be seen looking into the camera next to a beautiful blond.

The photo was shared on the star's official Instagram account but the name of his "baby boo," as he called her, is yet to be revealed.


Ever since Larry left the show on account of his divorce from Theresa Caputo, the main protagonist of the series, he seems to have lost a few of his followers.

Still, those who remained faithful to him couldn't help but offer their insight when it came to the new woman in his life. Although most fans congratulated him on finding happiness, others weren't so joyful.

A couple of Instagram users commented that it was a shame to throw away 28 years of marriage and that he should go back to his ex-wife.

Being a celebrity, Larry is constantly under the scrutiny of those who check up on him on social media, but this time he rudely fired back by saying "What's the matter? You got nothing better to do? You must be miserable."


Nowadays, while Larry seems more focused on getting his love life back together, Theresa is more oriented towards professional growth, which is why she has been traveling across the country.

The 51-year-old has been spending quite some time on the road as part of her "Theresa Caputo Live - The Experience" tour, but she has also reportedly hinted that she would be back for another season of "Long Island Medium."


The divorce may have been a hard blow, but Theresa is determined to move on with her life, just like Larry is doing.

"Larry and I have finalized our divorce. We shared 28 wonderful years together and have two beautiful children, Larry Jr. and Victoria. We will continue to support each other and remain friends." 

As Theresa put it, they are still a family, and although, they're apart, living their own separate lives, the former lovers still care about each other. 

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