Boyfriend Roasted for Wanting His Girlfriend to Buy Condoms Because It’s Costing Him a Fortune

Gracious Egedegbe
Mar 15, 2019
08:11 A.M.

An enraged boyfriend took to Reddit to make a case against his girlfriend, urging her to buy condoms for him. Most people who reacted to his post ridiculed him for suggesting such, asking him to man up and take responsibility.


An anonymous boyfriend who felt he was spending too much on condoms and that his girlfriend should contribute to his condom purchases cried out to Reddit users about his ordeal.

He wanted to know what people thought about the issue, and they shared their thoughts, though most of them were against his suggestion.

man opening a condom | Photo: Getty Images

man opening a condom | Photo: Getty Images


The UK based man explained that he had asked his girlfriend to take advantage of a discounted condom sale and buy the product since she refuses other forms of protection/contraceptive measures. He opined that he had been spending a lot on condoms and it was only fair she bought it once in a while to reduce his expenses.

His girlfriend, however, declined as she felt it was a man’s duty to purchase condoms rather than that of a woman, and she couldn’t do it either because of the stigma it may bring. She also relayed that she had incurred expenses on the purchase of razors, the female equivalent, which she uses before intercourse.

Many reactions have trailed the controversial post since its release, and most were against the anonymous boyfriend. One person said the man should suck it up and pay for the condoms, as being a woman was expensive.

Couple in bed | Photo: Getty Images

Couple in bed | Photo: Getty Images

Other reactions pointed out the fact that women spend a lot on their feminine products and sanitary pads. Few others also said that the cost of condoms isn’t such a big deal that the man couldn’t be responsible for. A diplomatic respondent, however, noted that since sex involves two people, the woman can help to cover for birth control costs.


In another condom-related news, a terrified woman has revealed that she caught her mother-in-law poking holes in her condoms. The mother-in-law took this action after she found out that her daughter-in-law didn’t want to have children.

daughter-in-law angry at her mother-in-law

daughter-in-law angry at her mother-in-law


As a result of the condom-poking action of the mother-in-law, who didn’t like the "no children" idea, the terrified woman is now pregnant. She took her story to Reddit, and many readers showed disbelief and disgust at such action, urging her to never forgive her mother-in-law.

It is now advisable to check your condoms before use, just in case there are poked holes in it, you may never know; men, do not forget to purchase your condoms by yourself, people are also warned not to wash and reuse condoms, lest you face the Reddit condom police.

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