The Jacksons Perform Tribute Concert in Brazil for Brother Michael Jackson Amid Documentary Scandal

Michael Jackson's brothers defended him through his music in a concert in Brazil. "He is everything and will be represented on the stage," Tito Jackson says. 

In the midst of the controversy surrounding their late brother, Michael Jackson and the documentary, “Leaving Neverland,” the Jackson brothers paid tribute to the King of Pop by singing his hits during a concert in Brazil. 

Tito, Marlon, Randy and Jackie Jackson graced the stage of Espaco Das Americas in Sao Paulo and launched their best defense against their brother’s detractors. While many radio stations opted to ban Michael’s music following the child sexual abuse allegations against him in the explosive documentary, his brothers entertained fans with his music from their Jackson 5 days. Among them, “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save,” and “Dancing Machine,” songs Michael himself led in the vocals. 

Tito already hinted that the show was a nod to their late brother speaking to the audience ahead of their performances. 

“It will be a tribute to MJ. He is everything and will be represented on the stage.”

The place was packed, according to reports, kicking off a series of shows in South America. Not in attendance was brother Jermaine who was allegedly suffering from an undisclosed illness. 

The news of the brothers’ tribute comes in the heels of another crisis in the family. Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson was believed to have slashed her wrists in the midst of all the hype surrounding her father and the disturbing allegations against him.

Just hours before the Jacksons performed, news circulated that the Jackson scion was hospitalized following an attempt to end her life. The 20-year-old denied the allegations and even called out TMZ and Perez Hilton for spreading “lies lies lies omg and more lies.”

She also addressed Perez’s accusation that she wasn’t defending her father by tweeting,

“i am defending him, in my own way. you’re a really smart guyyyyyyyy.”

Paris also previously denied reports that she released a statement regarding the controversy surrounding her father. As far as she’s concerned, people are “reaching a bit” and should calm down.

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