Arrogant Youngster Insults an Older Man

Mar 20, 2019
04:49 P.M.

It is easy to forget to give respect to the elderly in our lives, and remember that they were young once, too, and that many of the valuable comforts we have today are because of their efforts and sacrifice.


A 71-year-old senior citizen paid a visit to his old university to take one more trip down memory lane before his retirement.

While on his walk, he chanced upon a young man intensely focused on his books, studying. Reminding him of his days as a student, he decided to sit next to the fellow.

To his surprise, the young man looked at him and started an argument saying,

“The problem with old men like you is that you will never understand my generation. You folks grew up in a world so different from ours. You’re from a primitive time, so backward compared to mine.”

The old man replied by merely saying, “Is that right?”

The young man continued passionately,

“The young people of today have televisions, jet planes, microwaves, and the option to travel in space. My phone holds hundreds of books in its tiny chip and gives me access to tons of information. We have electric cars, hydrogen cars, computers, and…”

A notification from the student's phone interrupted his monologue, which prompted him to check the message.


Taking advantage of the pause, the old man said,

“You’re absolutely right. We didn’t have those things when we were young, so we invented them. Now, what are YOU doing for the next generation?”

Stunned by the statement, the proud student had nothing more to say, and the crowd that gathered around them cheered for the old man’s impressive comeback.

Source: thelaughible.net

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