104-Year-Old Retired Woman Arrested for the First Time in Her Entire Life

How many years will it take for one’s greatest wish to come to fruition? For an elderly woman, 104 was the number as she finally got her wish. If you are wondering what the wish was, you will have to go to prison to find out.

Anne Brokenbrow proved to many that she is no regular centurion. She always had the wish to be arrested, and when the opportunity came to have her request granted, she took it with both hands in a cuff.

Many of her age would wish for rest, foot massages and certain pleasures, but Anne is of a different mold.

The pensioner is resident at the Stokeleigh Care Home in Stoke Bishop. The home was partaking in an initiative which involved five other homes in the north of the city. The initiative tagged “Elderly People’s Charity Alive Activities” organizes “The Washing Line Initiative.”

The goal of the action involves the filling of boxes with wishes of elderly residents of the homes. After gathering all the requests, they are attached to the ‘washing line’ at nearby Coop stores.



That way, shoppers at the stores will see the requests, and if they feel they can grant any of them and are willing to do so, they contact the elderly owner of the request.

One wish stood out of many. Anne’s desire read:

“My wish is…to be arrested. I am 104, and I have never been on the wrong side of the law.”

She said she wanted to know what it felt like to be on the wrong side of the law. Officers of local policing teams in Stoke Bishop were happy to grant the centurion her wish.



She said she wanted to know what it felt like to be on the wrong side of the law and officers of local policing teams in Stoke Bishop were happy to grant the centurion her wish.

Mrs. Anne Brokenbrow will be taken into custody for the very first time in her long life next week. One wonders what the charges against her will be. Imaginative use of a wish? I know you're wondering too!

Surprisingly, Anne is not the only 104-year-old with a wish to be granted. It was reported that the New York City Fire Department helped another 104-year-old grant her Christmas wish.

In another related news, an 80-year-old woman, Alayde Menna dyed her hair for the very first time in her life, and her reaction was epic. She was forbidden to dye her hair but defied the odds. She dyed her hair from white to a blue-green color.

After it was all done, she went ecstatic and happy with her new look. Her grandson filmed his grandmother, and the footage shows a happy moment that will leave many inspired and uplifted.

It is never too late to fulfill your dream, no matter the age. These women have proven that with their acts. So let go of your fears and go on and achieve that which you desire.

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