Police Officer Shows Off Remarkable Voice Singing Lionel Richie Classic

This cop has taken social media by storm after he posted his lip sync battle video to the internet, even earning him a shout out from a legendary singer. 

Officer Philip Paz from the Oklahoma City Police Department was challenged to participate in the law enforcement lip sync battle that has been doing the rounds in the past few months.

However, he added a twist to his performance. Instead of just lip-syncing the song, Paz chose to sing along to Lionel Richie's "Easy." 

The video footage, filmed inside his squad car presumably while out on patrol, shows the officer singing the entire song, from the opening to the closing lines, and all the way in between. 

Looking relaxed, Paz is in his uniform with a pair of reflective dark glasses and doesn't seem at all the type to be able to belt out Richie's smooth tones, looking quite serious as the video starts rolling.

But right before he starts to sing, a broad grin sneaks its way onto his face, and from the very first note, viewers know they are in for a treat. 

All the way through the track, Paz maintains his perfectly silky tone, matching Richie note for note. 

The song is one of Paz's favorites and was a no-brainer when it came to picking a song for his lip sync challenge. 

Lionel Richie himself saw the video, and shared it on his Facebook page, praising Paz's incredible performance and calling him an "American Idol.

Another contender for the unofficial title of "best lip-syncing pooch" is the K9 Fox with his handler, Officer Hepler. Fox is also a K9s4COPS ambassador. 

Hepler starts the show by singing the first verse of Mercy Me's "I Can Only Imagine," and his beloved companion takes part in the first segment of the video. Read more here

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