'Looks Plastic': Gwen Stefani Faces Criticism from Fans Who Wonder if She Has Gotten Plastic Surgery

Body-shamers were quick to question Gwen Stefani’s looks after she posted pictures from Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards.

The 49-year-old singer took to Instagram on Monday and shared a picture of herself smiling broadly as she thanked her hairstylist for her “Barbie hair for date night.”

Although, it was not the cascading platinum locks tied up in a high ponytail that got everyone’s attention but her face instead.

It didn’t take long before Instagram followers started calling each other out for their comments as some couldn’t help but shame. “Who ever did your lips need to no longer be practicing,” one wrote assuming she had cosmetic work done to her lips.

Other users took the opportunity to comment on matters beyond the picture. “Honestly, don't you mind the fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake nails, fake color, fake, fake fake! What's real on you?” another user said.

While many assumed that Gwen had cosmetic work done to her face, other’s pointed out that it's all in the makeup. “There are dozens of howto makeup vids showing how to fake full lips. There are newer vids and pics of Gwen, and her lips are fine,” one user wrote.

But the negative comments didn’t sit well with many, not because they are fans of Gwen, but because it is abusive as a follower wrote:

“Why are you still commenting on her looks? How do you even know what she has done? It’s extremely rude. Do you want people to leave rude comments under your pictures? There’s plenty to comment about. I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to be mean.”

A lot of other followers referred to Gwen as “beautiful inside and out” while others thought her “drop dead gorgeous with or without makeup.”

Regardless of what others think about her appearance, Gwen and boyfriend Blake Shelton spent the night beaming at the awards ceremony. They skipped the red carpet and headed for their seats, at one point during the ceremony country singer Blake performed his new single “God’s Country” while Gwen cheered him on.

Six years ago fellow country singer Miranda Lambert also had to deal with shamers that accused her of cosmetic surgery to achieve a slimmer look.

The comments came after her appearance at that year’s Country Music Awards where she debuted her new look after having lost weight.

Much like Gwen, Miranda put in a lot of work to feel good and comfortable in her own skin, but onlookers felt the need to criticize.

The comments became so bad that Miranda took to her blog to set the records straight. She denied that she had any surgery done to aid in her weight loss and that she slimmed down “the healthy and good old fashioned way.”

Earlier this year, Abby Huntsman from “The View” found out how low body shamers are willing to go when her baby bump, while pregnant with twins, started to show.

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