Heavily Pregnant Mom Faces Jail Time after Her Toddler Son Peed in a Parking Lot

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 11, 2019
09:29 P.M.
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A heavily pregnant woman found no sympathy from a Richmond County Deputy after he caught her son peeing in the parking lot of a gas station. She faces jail time for the act.


It’s a crazy world we live in, and a Beech Island resident, Brooke Johns, is discovering just how much. Her discovery is coming at a time she is heavily pregnant and taking care of an active 3-year-old.


Johns, a week ago, was going about her day, as usual, driving herself and her son, Cohen Johns, down Sandbar Ferry Road, Augusta, when the little boy said he had to take a pee.

The pregnant mother told him to hold it, but the little guy said it was impossible, and if she didn’t stop, he would wet himself. In a split second decision, she drove into the parking lot of a gas station.

Johns told “WRDW” that she had parked the car before realizing they will not make it to the restroom. This led to a dilemma, as she could not pick him up — her doctor told her to take things easy and not lift anything heavy.


Deciding to put her child first, the concerned mother tried to shield Cohen from public view as he pulled his pants down and peed on the pavement.

The attempt at concealment didn’t work as the duo had caught the attention of a Richmond County Deputy — name unknown, but Johns description makes him out to be a male.

The deputy asked the soon-to-be mother-of-two to take her son to the bathroom, but she told the news outlet that at that point, it was too late.


For Johns' defiance, the unnamed deputy cited her for disorderly conduct, and she got charged. The South Carolina resident's court date is April 30, and although she can pick a later date, the expecting mother said she wants the matter put to rest before her baby arrives.

In a Facebook post where Johns wrote about the incident, she said on any other day, Cohen would use the bathroom, but it was an exceptional case, plus only his legs were visible and his pee hitting the floor.


Another pregnant woman in the UK, Chloe Edmondson, faced a similar situation. The 32-year-old had gone to the hospital for a checkup but had to stay overnight due to preeclampsia.

Earlier, Edmondson parked her car at a private parking lot, and by the time she remembered the next day and went to get it, the car had a £100 fine attached to it.

The ticket got appealed immediately, but it got rejected. The mother-of-one told “Daily Mail,” she thought they would be compassionate, but not even a letter from her midwife moved them.

Johns if found guilty faces sixty days jail time and a fine of $1, 000.