Army Sergeant Faces Felony Assault Charges after Defending Herself from Alleged Road Rage Attack

A Fort Knox sergeant is eager to share her side of an incident in which she said she was attacked by a racist woman in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and then erroneously arrested for self-defense. 

Kai Waters said that the Elizabethtown police gave a completely false impression of her to the media when they conveyed the events that occurred on February 22nd. 

Around 5 pm that day, Waters said an older blonde woman aggressively followed her along Patriot Parkway as she made her way home. Waters uploaded a video of what took place when she was faced with the woman at a gas station. The clip is found below. 

Below the clip, Waters described what happened to her on that fateful night. She claimed that she was fearful of going to her home because at one point while the two were driving, the woman pulled up next to Waters and shouted out threats and racial slurs. Waters believed the women would follow her home and eventually harm her. 

Instead of going home, Waters stopped at a gas station off Cardinal Drive and opened her car door. The woman immediately went to Waters and is seen attacking her on the video. Waters, 33, had a knife in her hand which she used to stab the woman. 

The lady persisted, however, by lunging towards Waters a number of times. In response, Waters kicked and pushed her until the police finally arrived. In her description, Waters said that at that point the woman cried as if she were the victim.

The Sergeant First Class was arrested and any statements from her were refused. According to Waters, the police also did not provide the recording of a 911 call which she made from since the time she noticed she was being followed.

During an interview with WAVE 3 News, Waters revealed that she moved to Hardin County eight months ago for a new job. Prior to that, she was living in New York. 

She said, "it was like the happiest day of my life" upon learning of her new recruitment. In contrast, Waters said she is now "worried, concerned, scared, and terrified." She gave more insight into what happened on the night in question. 

Waters described the woman's words: 

"She called me a black [expletive], and said 'your kind.' I'm so tired of 'you people' and all this." 

Later, Waters was relieved that the police had arrived until she realized what was going on. “I thought hopefully, someone is going to listen to me, they’re going to get my story,” she said. “But that never happened.”

Her attorney, Jeremy Aldridge, is now helping Waters fight felony assault charges which a judge handed out. He seems hopeful of the verdict though, as he said

"I trust that the grand jury would have a very difficult time indicting [Waters] based on the conduct that is provable by the video."

In the meantime, Water has been suspended from her job at Fort Knox. If the jury indicts or the case is not fully dismissed, she may end up being charged by the Army. 

For now, Fort Knox leaders are on Waters' side. They released a statement which read

"SFC Waters is a professional and was chosen from our entire field to come to Fort Knox and represent our Corps after an intense vetting process. She’s a trusted leader and this turn of events is in total contradiction to her performance and character."

On Facebook, people have rallied behind Waters in support. The woman who attacked her remains unnamed. Her lawyers reportedly advised her not to give her side of the story until the case ends.

On the other hand, Waters said her life and career were destroyed due to the woman's actions. She is asking for support via a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of her lawyer. She is also asking people to share her story. 

In another occurrence that has people doubting the integrity of the police, a man was shot outside a Bay Area Taco Bell in February 2019. The man's family said he was sleeping when the police took his life. 

Police in Vallejo, however, asserted that the young rapper named Willie James McCoy had been reaching for a gun when they fired the shots that killed him that night. 

They were initially called to the area by employees who saw a man "slumped over" a Mercedes-Benz. According to the police, as they got closer to the car, they noticed a gun in the man's lap. 

Officers reportedly commanded the man to put his hands up and he instead reached for the firearm. Six officers then fired shots repeatedly at the young man, an African-American. They are now on administrative leave.

McCoy's alleged cousin said the police department in Vallejo is “the most racist police department in the world.” He pointed to similar incidents where he says black men were targeted by members of the department. 

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