Surprising Things about Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Many People May not Know

Have you ever eaten at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store? These very particular places that you can find throughout the United States are known for having all the decoration of the "old west".

Their establishments are distinguished by being decorated with wooden rooms and many objects from past times that make them very welcoming. Also, at the entrance of the restaurant, you can find a souvenir shop where you will want to buy everything you see.

Another feature that Cracker Barrel has is the treatment of the staff, they are all very friendly and very professional with the clients. Even if you speak Spanish, some of the managers will be able to talk with you to check that everything is to your liking.

And of course, the most important thing: the food is not only fast food, but the franchise also offers the typical dishes of southern American food, along with the popular burgers that the whole family can enjoy.

The aim of Cracker Barrel is to attract the attention of travelers on the highways. The first restaurant was built near Interstate 40, in Lebanon, Tennessee. It opened in September 1969, serving Southern cuisine including bread, cookies, country ham, and turnip greens.

Cracker Barrel is known for the loyalty of its customers and the commitment with which they are paid. Throughout its short history, Cracker Barrel decided to establish its restaurants along the Interstate Highway System; most of its restaurants are located near interstate highways and some other roads.

Among its most frequent visitors is a couple that has become famous throughout time for being devoted to knowing each of the 665 locations that has the franchise. Until now, the couple has been in 664 establishments of Cracker Barrel.

Some clients wonder about the origin of the name Cracker Barrel, given that some people recognize the term “cracker” as an offensive term referring to poor white people.

However, the Oxford dictionary describes the term “cracker-barrel” as something plain, simple, and unsophisticated, especially of a philosophy.

Last year, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store announced that they will be offering a special Thanksgiving menu for customers who would prefer to have their treats delivered cooked to perfection and ready to serve.

The menu included two slow-roasted turkey breasts, traditional cornbread dressing, rich turkey gravy, cranberry relish, freshly-baked sweet yeast rolls, and a choice of three sides dishes. The best part is that it costs approximately $110 for dinner for a family of 10. Let’s hope they keep the offer this year.

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