Remember Little Corey in TV Show 'Julia'? He Once Took His Dad to Court over Beverly Hills Home

Oyin Balogun
Apr 16, 2019
07:45 A.M.
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Many have since wondered what happened to the actor and why haven't we all seen more of him in movies, well here it is.



"Julia" is an American Sitcom known to be the first show ever to debut an African American woman as the lead. The show which aired in 1968 ran for three years before it came to an end.

Former child star, Marc Copage's journey over the years after he left the sitcom, "Julia." | Youtube/Upfront

Although most people now give kudos to the producers for breaking the stereotypes and positively representing the black community, the story was quite different during its production. Most people criticized the Sitcom and even went ahead to call it "unrealistic."

Through the years that it ran for, the producers tried to keep the show (now referred to by many as groundbreaking) positive by narrating the positive part of how an African American can make it in a racist country.


Of course, at that time it was farfetched and led many to call it unrealistic.



Little Marc Copage acted as the young son of actress, Diahann Carroll who was a widowed nurse in the series. Decades after his brilliant appearance in the sitcom, many have since wondered what happened to the actor and why haven't we all seen more of him in movies.

In an interview with "," little Corey revealed and gave answers to most of the questions that fans of the actor are interested in knowing.


About where he had been all these while, Coppage replied that he took time out to learn the art of playing Jazz. Since he intended on becoming a jazz musician, he decided to learn how to play coupled with some dance classes he also took.

He further mentioned that his love for Jazz was due to the excitement he gets from the "spontaneity" this form of music possesses.


He also confessed that he had come to appreciate the impact of his "Julia" co-star more through the years as he's been able to put into practice most of what he learned on the show.


Although it was good catching up with the actor, one detail that caught most people's attention was when Marc revealed that he took his father to court for a property battle.

When the actor was in his 20s, he had to sue his father who he was living with at that point. The case was over who would be getting their Beverly Hills home.

The actor's parents separated when he was young and he never really stayed with his mum after the separation.

However, now, Copage is in a better place doing what he loves; jazz music and dancing.