April 19, 2019

Woman Accused of Beating Ex with His Prosthetic Leg

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Police authorities swung in to arrest a 58-year-old woman accused of using her boyfriend’s prosthetic leg to batter him after he ended their relationship. Michelle Jackson, a 58-year-old Marrero woman, definitely does not like to be dumped for another as this situation proves. 

After her boyfriend of six years told her he wanted to end their relationship and start one with another, she couldn't control her anger and resorted to aggressively battering him. She has since then been taken into Jefferson Sherriff custody pending the time of her trial. 


Michelle and her longtime boyfriend were at her home in Marrero when the incident occurred. The duo engaged in drinking gin, and after a while of drinking, her boyfriend summoned up the courage to tell her of his plans to split and end their relationship as he wanted to date another woman. In hindsight, maybe he shouldn’t have, as her actions after that was unexpected. 

The victim said that he went to sleep in one of the bedrooms at Jackson’s residence, unharmed and unruffled. He would, however, be woken up by Jackson’s relative, and found out that he had a gashed head, a swollen finger and covered in blood. Michelle Jackson as she would later reveal flipped after hearing of her boyfriend’s plans. 


While he slept, Michelle took his prosthetic leg and proceeded to beat him with it. She also revealed that she stabbed him, though the victim showed no signs of any stab injuries. 


After her act of violence, Michelle fled her home in fear that she had killed her boyfriend and made frantic calls to her relatives informing them of her act of violence. When authorities arrived at her house, she was nowhere to be found, though she came back and was immediately arrested. 

Jackson is presently booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center where she is held without bond. It remains a wonder as to why and what drove Michelle to act with so much violence. While she had her rights to be sad about her boyfriend’s decision to quit their relationship, going to that length was uncalled for. 

In life, the ability to control one’s emotions in the face of anger is critical and needs to be learned. The only good news out of this whole incident is the fact that the victim remained alive after the attack. Anger breeds violence; those emotions need to be controlled.