April 25, 2019

Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard Wants to Reveal the ‘Real Truth’ to ‘Protect’ His Legacy and Kids

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Michael Jackson's bodyguard is no longer keeping quiet. He plans to speak out in defense of the late King Of Pop in a bid to protect his legacy and children.

Matt Fiddes is a fitness coach and owner of several martial art schools across the U.K.; before he went into the business of staying fit, he worked as a bodyguard to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who died in 2009.


The singer recently got accused in the "HBO" documentary "Leaving Neverland" by James Safechuck and Wade Robson, of sexual assault.

A lot of his fans including his family came out to defend him, as the dead can't speak, and now, Fiddes is adding his voice. The ex-bodyguard in a  lengthy write-up on Instagram accompanying a video of Jackson and several pictures of the two announced that he is breaking his silence.


The 39-year-old described the King of Pop as a friend who was kind to his family and staff. He wrote that the deceased even in death remains the most famous person in the world and the biggest target.

The father-of-five revealed that the singer wanted his life to be the biggest mystery, but unfortunately, it worked against him. He pointed out that although a lot of news outlet tried to interview him, he kept quiet to uphold his promise to keep Jackson's life private.

The trainer's change of mind came from his desire to protect his ex-boss' legacy and children, and he is teaming up with, Bill Whitfield, a former colleague who also worked for the late father-of-three, to tell the truth of what happened in Neverland.



Fiddes believes that no one knows Jackson's life like they did and ended his write-up with the words "Facts don't lie; people do."

A lot of his followers and fans of the award-winning singer supported the move and applauded the Brit for speaking out in defense of the iconic singer. They added that they couldn't wait for the truth to come out.

The allegations against Jackson has not only tarnished his name; but it is also destroying his legacies, including that of his elementary school, Gardner Street Elementary School.


The singer's name is on the school's auditorium which he commissioned in 1989, and parents of children currently attending the school, wants his name removed as they believe it is sending the wrong message.

The Jackson family, on the other hand, are not letting things slide. They made a documentary — "Neverland Firsthand" to counter the allegations.

In it, Taj and Brandi Jackson — the deceased's relatives defended their uncle, along his longtime technical director, Brad Sundberg, who said she lived on the ranch and never saw any child act like the singer harmed him in any way.

The allegations against Jackson is made worse in the light of the "Me Too Movement," and the world has not heard the last of it.