Oprah Winfrey Revealed What She’d Do If Gayle King Ever Slept with Stedman

Oprah Winfrey recently revealed what she’d do if she ever found her longtime best friend, Gayle King, sleeping with her boyfriend of over 30 years, Stedman Graham, and credit for the idea goes to King.

Winfrey and the “CBS This Morning” co-anchor have been friends since forever and share virtually everything, but they’re also strict observers of the “Girl Code” and demonstrated it on a recent episode of their YouTube advice show, “The OG Chronicles.”

A viewer asked the women if it was okay that she was exchanging flirty texts with her sister’s ex-boyfriend and they did not bother to mask their disapproval.

'Call someone, put me in the jacket and have me carried off because you will know that...'

“What you doing that for? Stop it now!” Winfrey scolded before recalling a conversation she shared with King a long time ago.

“Years ago, I think I’d been dating Stedman… I don’t know. I’ve been dating him since 1775. So we’ve been together a long time,” she began. “But early on in our relationship, I was doing these shows [like] ‘My sister slept with my sister’s husband’ or ‘My sister slept with my boyfriend,’ and all that. And Gayle said…”

King, 64, then supplied the concluding part of their “pact” from so long ago:

“If you ever catch me and Stedman, you know, boinking around, fooling around, you catch us in bed. She [Winfrey] shouldn’t even be mad at me because she should say I’ve lost my mind. Take me to the hospital. You shouldn’t even be upset.”

“She [King] goes: ‘call someone, put me in the jacket and have me carried off because you will know that I have lost my mind,’” Winfrey added.

The media mogul and King have been best friends for about four decades and do almost everything together.

Last year, they went on a vacation across Europe and shared pictures from their adventure on social media. The besties were also together in January when Winfrey celebrated her 65th birthday aboard a $300 Million megayacht.

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