Remember Flex Washington from 'One on One'? He Married a Famous '90s Singer & Now Has 2 Grown Kids

Flex Alexander And Shanice Celebrate 17 Years Of Marriage

Flex and his songstress wife are celebrating 17 years of sweet wedded bliss.

Flex and Shanice have been married for nearly two decades and Shanice took to social media to mark the occasion with her “chocolate covered” hubby.

“Happy 17 year anniversary to my chocolate covered Sunday,” wrote Shanice. “Thank you for your unconditional love.”

The couple previously detailed their sweet black love on their OWN reality show “Flex & Shanice.”

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#Goodtimes with my Chocolate daddy @flexaforeal 🎤

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Interestingly enough, Shanice’s mom who looks like she could be her sister, is also celebrating 17 years of marital bliss with Shanice’s stepdad.

Both Flex and Shanice are in their 40s. Flex is 46-years-old and Shanice is 43.

Ain’t sweet black love, grand??? It’s nice to see that some celebrity couples are sticking together and promoting strong black coupledom.

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I love his Smile!!!!! @flexaforeal ♥️

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What do YOU think is the secret to Flex and Shanice’s strong union???


Both Shanice and Flex had struggled with the dating scene, so when they met each other, they decided to take a different path. "The hardest part was looking into his beautiful eyes and this gorgeous smile and not being able to touch him," Shanice said, grinning broadly. While the two admit, committing to the decision wasn't always easy, they both found it to be well worth it in the end. And it didn't hurt that, once they decided to get married, they didn't waste any time making it official. Flex recognizes how infrequently abstinence is practiced now, but feels fully contented with his choice. "I just wanted to do something different, something that was special, and something that I know we can share forever" Flex said, "It was tough, but we made it through."

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