Shemar Moore on Strained Relationship with Father and Why He Kept His Distance from Him

Oyin Balogun
Apr 28, 2019
11:43 P.M.
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One of the sexiest men in Hollywood shared the rocky story of his unsteady relationship with his father growing up.

Just like many other celebrities out there, the "Criminal Minds" actor thanks to his mother for what he's become today. But one person that might not be getting any appreciation letter soon is his father who he was estranged from for a while.


Most people may remember Moore from his days on the show "Young and the Restless." The actor who later became a model before going back to acting moved around with his white mom a lot when he was younger. He has been criticized over the years by the media which claims that Moore relates more with his white side than his black side (his father's side.)

However, in an interview with Larry King, the "Criminal Minds" actor spilled why it may seem so to the media because he is estranged from his father. 


During the show, Shemar Moore revealed that when he was young, his father was locked up at the San Quentin prison for a while and it had to do with what he did to his mother. After that, the mother left and took her son, Moore along. 

This however made the duo grow apart and have no relationship per se growing up. Shemar further stated that over the years, they have made up and he even supports his father when necessary. 


Moore spoke about a scenario where his father was in trouble, and he had to get him a house to stay and also help him out. Although he is willing to support his old man anyway, he can. He confessed that their relationship isn't "deep" and he doesn't think it will ever be, but he wishes him the best.


Regardless of all these, the relationship with his mother is unbroken, and he has been supporting his mum in her battle with multiple sclerosis. 

"I just had to check myself and say, ‘Listen, she’s scared and asking for help, so let’s help her turn in the right direction. I’ve just been learning about the meds and learning about how it affects different people. Five years ago, we thought she was going to be wheelchair bound. Then, by just doing some homework and seeing what MS was all about, we learned that MS is affecting her, but not entirely. We were able to be specific about the MS and other factors in her life." — Shemar Moore.

The actor who was bullied for being biracial has been rumpred to be gay over the years and even have a huge gay fanbase. Although he'd acknowleged his gay fans over the years, he's a;sp made it known that he is not gay and unlike popular belief, he is very much straight and he loves women.