Mom Shares How Her Toddler's Rare Condition Makes Her Want to Chew Everyhting, Including the Cat

Comfort Omovre
May 07, 2019
02:13 A.M.
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A 44-year-old native of Bedsore, Claire Parsons, opens up about the severity of her little princess' disorder. She revealed that the youngster rips apart anything she comes by, whether it's non-living or has a life!


Four-year-old Ruby Smith was diagnosed with an ultra-rare neurological disorder which condones the falling sickness, paralysis, and pica from birth. Pica which sometimes occurs alongside a mental condition is an eating abnormality which makes a child chew nonnutritious items that are not food.


However, her family has tried to curb the extent to which the disorder affects her. She puts in all sorts of things in her mouth, from grasses, CDs, gravel, doormats, cat food, to even “Steve,” the cat! She attempted to chew the cat's tail once, leaving her parents to make several adjustments around the house; like restrict her movement, and even move away from all the likely “Ruby chewable.”

Recently, the little miss chipped off the top wood coverings of her baby cot, and this has led to Claire sourcing for funds through donations from the public.

The money accrued from the donations will be used to construct a new unique bed with plastic coverings, to hinder young Ruby from damaging her bed with her mouth. Details garnered by some sources revealed that her mother hopes to pay about 1,500 euros to procure this custom made cot.


Irrespective of the expenses and attention needed by Ruby, her parents have chosen to love her unconditionally as she is a happy little girl that is full of smiles.

At the early stages of her condition, the family had a hard time dealing with it, but eventually realized they had to be strong for their daughter. Her mother explained that they were not familiar with the disorder until Ruby was diagnosed with it, but has learned to help her live with it.

In her words:

“Ruby was born by emergency cesarean and started having seizures at about five days old. We thought she was poorly and has picked something up. In the end, we were going to the hospital around three or four times a week. She has uncontrolled epilepsy, she turns four next week, but her mental age is around 10 months old.”


According to medical researchers about 21% of children from ages one to five are plagued with Pica.

Five-year-old Zach Tahir from Salford, Greater Manchester has extreme Pica, and just like Claire, his 32-year-old mother, Rachael Thorn is hoping to raise money to make living safe and conducive enough for him. According to her:

“He eats almost anything, mud and moss, stones, carpets, grow bags, thread, paper, wallpaper, and hair. He loves to climb his windowsill and eat his blackout blind”.

Hopefully, the funds raised will help Ruby Smith and Zach Tahir manage their disorder.