Ayesha Curry on Dealing with Steph Curry's 'Lurking' Female Fans

Jada Pinkett Smith invited Ayesha Curry to the newest season of "Red Table Talk," which aired on May 6, 2019. 

On the season premiere of the Emmy Award-nominated show, Ayesha Curry reveals how she feels about women constantly surrounding her superstar husband, Stephen Curry. 

"I honestly hate it."

On her husband's mannerisms

According to Ayesha, her husband is very talkative and friendly, so speaking to other people is not a problem for him. However, when she starts feeling as if it's time to cut the conversation short, she usually introduces herself.

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My two favorite guys! I’m so in love with them!

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"Stephen is very nice by nature and he's very talkative. Everything is always very friendly and sometimes to the point where I'm like, I'm a grown woman so I'll just insert myself. I'll be like, 'Hello. How are you doing?'"

The celebrity chef acknowledges that there will always be a lot of women surrounding her husband, as that comes with being a world-famous superstar. However, if they were to ask her, she hates it. 

"The ladies will always be lurking, hoping for their moment and waiting, but for me, I honestly hate it."

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I love you.

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However, after years of being in the spotlight, Ayesha had no choice but to be okay with it, and it's something that she's gotten used to. While it has gotten to this point, she admits that it took a while. 

For her eyes onlyAlthough Ayesha just revealed that she gets jealous of the women that introduce themselves to her husband, deep inside, she knows that Stephen only has eyes for her. 

In fact, the two are not just husband and wife, but the very best of friends. While they can be serious with one another, they also know how to have fun. When Ayesha turned thirty a couple of days ago, she owned the dancefloor and gave her husband a little dance as their family and friends cheered them on. 

It's clear through the way they enjoy one another's company that they are able to keep their marriage flame alive despite being together for quite a while. 

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