Kenya Moore's Baby Girl Brooklyn Can Roll over (Video)

Jaimie-lee Prince
May 07, 2019
04:38 P.M.
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Kenya Moore and her sweet daughter were the perfect mother-daughter pair as the proud mom coaxed little Brooklyn into conquering the feat of rolling over. 


In the sweet video shared on Monday, Moore's six-month-old daughter Brooklyn Doris Daly is seen on a bed on her stomach at first. The clip is found below. 

At 47 (now 48), Moore was elated to have her first child, having suffered from fibroids throughout her early 30s. She used IVF to have her daughter, born November 4, 2018, with husband Marc Daly.


As soon as the clip begins, Brooklyn topples her body over to the side. Moore is heard in the background expressing sheer joy at her daughter's adorable efforts. 

"Yay, Brooklyn you rolled over," she said as she laughed.

"Say 'I can roll over now. Mommy's gotta really watch me now cause I can roll over backward and forwards.' " 

Brooklyn then attempts to go back onto her tummy several times. Eventually, she makes it. Moore is heard saying "You got it, you got it. You did it!" 

The camera ends with her giving her mother a tiny smile. "I got this mommy!" is written in the caption.


The adorable tot is a regular on Moore's Instagram page, so fans will be happy to witness her grow up with a mom who clearly loves her very much. Just two days before the video, Moore shared a quick snap of the two in bed. 

Baby Brooklyn was in a white, flowered piece while Moore wore a grey garb that looked quite comfy. Both pairs of gorgeous eyes looked up into the camera, and Brooklyn also stuck out her tiny tongue.

The caption read: 

"My life is complete. Happy Sunday. May God bless you and your family." 


Back in February, Moore shared another photo of just her daughter as she was "trying to take a bath." Then only three months old, the shot featured Brooklyn covered in suds as well as a small blue towel. 

The photo seemed to show her as being caught in the act of taking her bath. Her eyes even reflected some surprise and one of her little arms was raised. 

Quite appropriately, Moore wrote in the caption: "Hey, can I get some privacy please? Trying to take a bath here."

Like her most recent picture, fans couldn't get enough in the comment section and were more than happy to endure the cuteness overload that Brooklyn supplied.