Touching Story That Hides behind a Sincere Photo of Elizabeth Taylor

Pedro Marrero
May 08, 2019
01:51 A.M.
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The outstanding actress Elizabeth Taylor not only stood out for her beautiful violet eyes or her passion for jewelry, but for the great heart she had, which led her to be one of the stars that carried out the greatest amount of humanitarian work, especially in the Fight against AIDS.


She left behind a great legacy in support of the investigation of this disease and in the task of prolonging the lives of millions of people and a sincere photo of the actress its a reminder of her determination.

In 1991 she founded her own organization called The Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation and the following year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave her the Jean Hersholt humanitarian award for her contribution to the cause of AIDS research.


One of the most significant acts that the actress organized, occurred during one of the hardest moments of her life; when Elizabeth discovered that she had to undergo surgery to remove a brain tumor that had been detected by doctors.

After the news was released, Taylor decided to have surgery just the day after her 65th birthday party on February 16, 1997.


For that day the actress had organized a charity gala in favor of the fight against AIDS and, according to her spokesperson, the actress said that she will only be operated once the party was celebrated, as she hoped to raise a large sum of money for her foundation.

Under the title “Happy Birthday Elizabeth: the celebration of life, the gala was held at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles and was later broadcasted to the whole world.


"I'm not here to celebrate my birthday. I'm here to celebrate all the people around the world with AIDS"

The main guest who attended the gala was her great friend Michael Jackson, one of the stars who donated the most to promote the investigation of a disease that in the eighties, decimated the American gay population.


That day they were able to raise more than one million dollars, and a week later, they added the money obtained with the broadcasting in the rest of the world.

There were around 2700 guests at the gala and the actress addressed them with these powerful words: "I'm not here to celebrate my birthday. I'm here to celebrate all the people around the world with AIDS," Taylor said. "They will be touched by your love, and I thank you so much for that."


Elizabeth Taylor was born in 1932 and started her career as a child actress when she was 12 years old. She was considered to be one of the last stars to comes out of that Hollywood studio era and was known for her stunning beauty.

Aside from her career and her looks, the actress was known to have a love for men and married numerous times. From those marriages, she welcomed three beautiful children into her life.