Woman Thought She Might Recognize the Dentist from Her High School Class

Bettina Dizon
May 09, 2019
08:54 P.M.
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Everyone ages and today, Alice felt it. #jokeoftheday


A woman recognized her dentist as her classmate in high school but was hesitant to ask. After finally asking, she got a frustrating response.

Some stories situations are too hilarious until they happen to you. A patient at a dental clinic had the most exciting yet somewhat frustrating conversation with her dentist.

Alice Smith was waiting for her turn at the dentist where she set an appointment for the first time. Upon seeing the dentists diploma, she recognized his name as her high school classmate from 30 years ago. 

“Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on, way back then?” she thought to herself.


As she entered the dental room to meet her new dentist, her thoughts suddenly became doubtful. The old, balding, gray-haired man with wrinkles on his face couldn’t possibly be the same person she had a crush on. 

Dentist at his office. | Source: Shutterstock


After checking her teeth, Alice finally asked if he attended Morgan Park High School, to which he replied with pride:

“Yes. Yes, I did!”

“When did you graduate?” she followed up.

He answered, “In 1967. Why do you ask?” 

“You were my in my class!” she eagerly exclaimed.

The old, balding, gray-haired dentist with wrinkles on his face then had a closer look at Alice and asked:

“What did you teach?”

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