Shemar Moore Gives Shirtless Mother's Day Shout-out 'to All You... Ladies' (Photo)

Oyin Balogun
May 14, 2019
01:53 P.M.
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Joining in the Mother’s Day Celebrations, Hollywood Star Shemar Moore shared excellent posts as he addressed his heartfelt wishes towards all mothers. 


Taking to his Instagram page, the “The Young and Restless” actor shared a sizzling photo of his well-toned abs as he went shirtless while his lower body was clad in white jeans which he paired with a hat and a pair of sunshades.


As Shemar displayed his awesome body to the delight of female fans, he included a sweet Mother’s Day caption. 

“HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! HUGS, KISSES AND LOVIN’ to all you beautiful, Hardworking, Sexy sweet ladies out there loving on your babies,” the actor wrote. 

In another post which was less revealing, the "S.W.A.T" actor shared a second Mother’s Day celebration message at the end of the day as he also included his plans of spending time with his mother.


“Hope all the moms out there were spoilt with smiles n love,”

he wrote while also going on to add that he was working towards showing love to his mother.

“I’m taking my mom to Denmark in a month… I lived in Denmark as a child from 6 months old till I was three years old… I promised her we would travel back in time. Happy Mother’s day nite nite, sleep with the angels,” he concluded. 



The 49-year-old star is one who ceaselessly shows his love and care for his mother as one time while she suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, Moore had taken up full responsibility as he saw his ailing Mother, Marilyn through the trying times.

In an interview with "PEOPLE," Moore shared his ordeal as he tried to help his sick mother while she was in pains. Describing his love for her as “ real,” Moore mentioned his wish for Marilyn “to beat this damn thing.”


“I went through the whole denial thing for a couple of years; I was like, "Take a couple aspirin and go to sleep…You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. Go get a massage and slow down, ”

the actor said as he explained how he was in denial when he had just learned of his mother’s condition. 

However, the realization of how much his mother was affected kicked in and the “Birds of Prey” star launched into action against Multiple Sclerosis.


“I’ve just been learning about the meds and learning about how it affects different people. Five years ago, we thought she was going to be wheelchair bound. Then, by just doing some homework and really seeing what MS was all about, we learned that MS is affecting her, but not entirely. We were able to be specific about the MS and other factors in her life,” Shemar explained.

The former “Soul Train” host definitely has a strong and healthy relationship with his mom as Moore once revealed a rather hilarious moment when he had sent her a steamy text by mistake. 

Mentioning that the text was intended for a love interest, it had instead gone straight to his mom’s inbox.

“She was like "look: this is what sex is, this is what drugs is, just be smart about it." She was just honest because she wanted to prepare me," the actor said while explaining that Marilyn had handled the situation right.