Ciara's New 'Beauty Marks' Video Gives Rare Glimpse into Her Wedding Day

Ciara debuted the music video for her latest single and it was an emotional trip down memory lane. The singer shared rare footage from her wedding day and the birth of her daughter with Russell Wilson. 

Ciara surprised her fans on Friday with the release of the music video for her new album’s carrier single, “Beauty Marks.” The surprise came in the form of never-before-seen footage from her wedding to Russell Wilson two years ago and the birth of their daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson the following year.


The 7-minute emotional video directed by Ciara herself opens with the singer standing at the altar with Russell as a minister speaks of love during their wedding ceremony in England on July 2016. The bride looked divine in her Roberto Cavalli dress. 

Then the song, “Beauty Marks” begins to play as Ciara is featured singing in a studio with hardly any makeup. The lyrics of the song are dedicated to her husband and celebrate their love. More footage from their wedding day complement the words of her song – Ciara walking down the aisle, the couple dancing and singing at the altar, leaning in for their first kiss, taking photos in the countryside, and at one point, Russell wiping away tears.   


At the four-minute mark, the video features another milestone in the couple’s relationship – the birth of their daughter in April 2017. Fans get to see Ciara in the delivery room and the couple’s first moments with their newborn. A touching scene shows Ciara’s older son, Future Zahir Wilburn meeting his sister for the first time. 


The music video resonates the message the song relays – that past pain is rewarded when one obtains unconditional love. Ciara tearfully and beautifully sings the lyrics.

"Cause you take me as I am. And I take you as you are. With your heart in weathered hands. And the bruises on my heart. That make me who I am. That make you who you are. Baby, when you take my hand. You show me that my scars are beauty marks." 


Ciara was also in tears when she appeared on the view on “Friday” to promote her video. The hosts surprised her with a video of her family greeting her for Mother’s Day. Russell opened the clip by telling Ciara he wished she was with them in Seattle and went on to laud his wife as “the sweetest woman in the world” who inspires her family and makes the world a better place. 

After Russell reminds Ciara of his love, the clip cuts to the two children, with Future adorably telling his mom how much he loves her. 

Ciara’s tears flowed as she watched the video but they were tears of joy and gratefulness for the family she was blessed with. “God is good,” she told the hosts after.