'The View' Co-Hosts Discuss Whether Using a Dating App Is Considered Cheating

Co-hosts of “The View” gave their take on whether having a dating profile is considered cheating or not, and whether they would let their friends know if they found their friends’ significant other’s dating profile online, on Monday’s episode.

The advancement of today’s technology has narrowed the lines between many differences, including what is considered cheating and what is not, especially with dating applications being made available for anyone and everyone.

“The View” co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain, and Ana Navarro, who is currently filling in for Abby Huntsman, tackled relationships amidst dating apps on Monday’s episode. 

The question they were to answer was if they would tell their friend if they saw their friend’s significant other using a dating platform, and whether having an active profile on a dating app is considered cheating.

Hostin was first to stand her ground and tell her friend but also disclosing that there may be other reasons such as forgetting to deactivate the dating profile.

“Anything you do in technology is never private, especially if you’re cheating on your spouse,” said McCain who pointed out that having a dating profile is suicide in itself, given that women are “like detectives” when trying to obtain information.

As Hostin and McCain agreed that leaving an avenue open for romance online is a way to cheat, Behar believed that the intention is what matters and that she would not inform her friend about coming across her significant other’s dating profile “because no good deed goes unpunished,” and your friend might be upset with you instead.

On the other hand, Goldberg threw in a little humor by saying that she would rather have people meet each other the old fashioned way -- at the bar. With her funny intent, Goldberg was able to lighten up the mood of the room.

The discussion began when a married woman sent a letter to the Daily Mail, asking for help on what to do regarding her situation which involves discovering her husbands online dating profile.

“The View” has been on air for some time due to their loyal fans, who reportedly want co-anchor, McCain, fired due to her being “annoying” and not letting anyone but herself speak. 

The sudden downpour of negative comments happened after Goldberg cut to commercials due to McCain’s rant about a topic involving President Trump. 

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