May 15, 2019

Farmer Brings Rooster to a Movie Theater

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After you reach a certain age, you become convinced that there is nothing left to surprise you in life. But just when she thought she'd seen it all, poor Mildred in the story below got thrown another huge surprise! 

A farmer decided he wanted to go to town and see a movie.

The ticket agent asked, “Sir, what’s that on your shoulder?"

The old farmer said, “That’s my pet rooster, Chuck. Wherever I go, Chuck goes.”

“I’m sorry sir,” said the ticket agent. “We can’t allow animals in the theater. It's the rules.”


The old farmer was used to getting his own way, so he went around the corner, stuffed Chuck down his overalls, and implored him to stay quiet.

Then he returned to the ticket booth, bought a ticket, and entered the theater. He happened to get a very good seat next to two old widows named Mildred and Marge.

The movie started and the rooster, not enjoying his confinement, began to squirm.

The old farmer nonchalantly unbuttoned his fly so Chuck could stick his head out and watch the movie.

“Marge,” whispered Mildred loudly.


“What?” said Marge.

“I think the guy next to me is a pervert.”

“What makes you think so?” asked Marge.

“He undid his pants and exposed himself,” whispered Mildred.

“Well, don’t worry about it,” said Marge. “At our age, we’ve seen ’em all.”

“I thought so too,” said Mildred,

“But this one’s eatin’ my popcorn!”

Poor Mildred! I'm pretty sure she had never seen anything like that before! A lot of us have pets we regard as our furbabies, and we hate being parted from them for a second.


In Cheyenne, Oklahoma, a resident was in the checkout line at the Elk City Tractor Supply Company when a cowboy walked in with an animal that he also refused to leave outside.

The cowboy asked staff if he could bring his pet inside to pick up senior food. The store employees weren't sure so they went to get permission from the boss.

The store rules clearly state that all animals are welcome in the store provided they are on leashes, so the cowboy was allowed to walk in leading his majestic senior horse behind him!

The other customers were stunned and the pictures and videos posted by Robin Morris quickly went viral. Only in Oklahoma!

I wonder what Mildred would have thought of this unusual pet!