Racist Walks into a Crowded Bar and Sees a Black Man Sitting in a Corner

Racism is alive and well in the world with examples popping up every day in the news. Intolerance and bigotry cannot make America great again, but laughing together and working on our biases can. 

While some like to believe that racism is a thing of the past and best forgotten, for other people who have lived experience, it's not as simple. Especially when it seems to appear out of the blue, like in this next funny story.

A racist walks into a crowded bar. He looks around and sees a black man sitting alone in the corner.

The racist walks up to the bar, turns around and announces, “I’m going to buy everyone in this bar a free drink, except for that black guy over there!”

Everybody starts clapping and cheering for the racist and after he buys the last beer, the black man turns around, gives him a thumbs up and says, “Thanks, buddy!”

The racist is slightly puzzled by his reaction but doesn’t pay too much attention to it.

The next night, the racist goes into the same bar and again, there is that same black guy sitting in the corner, so the man, again, goes to the bar, turns around and says,

“I’m going to buy everyone here a free drink, except for that black guy over there!”

The patrons are all ecstatic and are hugging and cheering the racist for his generosity. When he buys the last round, the black guy once again turns around, gives him a thumbs up and says, “Thanks, friend!”

The racist scratches his head and asks the barman, “Why is that black guy thanking me when he’s the only person I’m not buying drinks for?”

“Well,” the barman responds,

“he owns the bar!”

If you enjoyed this story of sweet Karma, share it with your friends. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can. 

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