54-Year-Old Mom of Two Reveals Her Journey of Dropping 120 Pounds After Years of Dieting Failure

This woman lost 120 pounds after repeated diet failures. Her remarkable transformation even got her featured in one of America’s top leading magazines.

New reports have it that Lisa Annunziata’s story will feature in the "How We Lost 100 Lbs.” section of People's latest issue set to be released June 3. The mother of two was morbidly obese and sorely embarrassed by herself.


The drastic change observed in her before and after photos are enough proof as the 54-year-old explained that she now feels like a “new person” after the numerous failed attempts at dieting to control her weight gain.


Lisa wasn't always obese; she was just 150lbs when she married. Naturally, the birth of her children caused her to get fat, and as the vice-president of human resources for a successful firm; she was too busy to stay faithful to exercises. These factors all resulted in her getting morbidly obese.

She resorted to protective mechanisms like upgrading her wardrobe and generally making herself look pretty to cover up her being fat.


“I paid the money to get the good suits, and my hair and makeup were always perfect because I was compensating for being fat. Everyone always said I had a pretty face, and that I hid it well.”


Despite being ashamed of her overweight body, Lisa was indulgent and ate as much as she could when she was alone, and things got much worse when the obesity started taking a toll on her wellbeing.

The mother of two revealed that she suffered common complications of morbid obesity, like high blood pressure, knee problems, and even excessive snoring. The extent of her degraded health dawned on her when she could barely keep up with her husband and son while they were on a trip college hunting.



“I tried to walk up (the stairs) and be cool about it, but I couldn’t breathe. My husband and son knew it, and I could just see the way they were looking at me, that they were embarrassed. That broke my heart because you don’t want your family to be embarrassed about you.”


That incident and the upcoming benefits program she was planning for her coworkers gave Lisa the final push she needed, and fortunately, she discovered Nutrisystem. She stayed faithful to using the product since early 2018 and had the meals delivered to her home frequently.   Lisa said:

“I never thought I was on a diet, and I think it’s because they did all the work for me, I didn’t have to think about what I was going to eat, and it allowed me to work on the how of how I was going to change my life.”

Her life took a turn for the better after she started using the weight management product. Annunziata also picked up the pace of the weight loss by starting a walking routine around her neighborhood or on the treadmill on an incline.

There are many more women like Annunziata out there who now have low self-esteem, an important psychological complication of obesity. Now that the holidays are about the corner, this “EurekAlert” article which details ways to prevent excessive weight gain during festive periods is a must read.