Bridesmaid Asked to Attend a Hen Party Instead of Visiting Her Dying Relative

Rodolfo Vieira
May 24, 2019
06:55 P.M.
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A bridesmaid, whose identity is yet to be revealed, recently took to Reddit to ask for advice regarding a bride who wants her to attend her bachelorette party despite her grief.


According to the bridesmaid, she has a family member in the hospital who is suffering from terminal cancer and she is not in the mood to attend the bachelorette party.

This situation has led her to wonder if the bride, who she described as being her best friend and someone very important to her, is being a bridezilla or if she was being unreasonable.

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The bridesmaid revealed that she is supposed to host the hen party for 14 other guests and that pretending to be happy around a group of drunk people is not something she wants to do.

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She has allegedly spent the last few weeks crying for the relative who is slowly dying in a hospital bed and feels that her friend is not respecting her feelings.

The grieving bridesmaid told the bride that she "may not be able to attend" the party, hoping that she would understand considering that the bride herself lost her father a few years ago.

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However, the bride argued her that she could use a change of scenery after spending so much time worrying about her dying relative and that she shouldn't feel guilty for enjoying herself.

The bridesmaid said:

"Her reply was not rude or upsetting, but she made me promise not to decide quite yet as there’s still two days to go. No mention of doing what is best for me, just insistence that she knows going out will be good for me."

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According to the bridesmaid, she was never good at saying "no" to people, and users on the Reddit forum told her that she should be more upfront regarding her feelings.

They also said that the bride is not being a bridezilla, only that she is nothing picking up on the hints that the bridesmaid does not wish to attend the party, which is why she needs to speak up.

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But although this bride didn't turn into a bridezilla, the same couldn't be said about the one who publicly shamed one of her bridesmaids and called her "snobby" for saying that her wedding dress was too short and inappropriate.

She believed that, as a bridesmaid, her friend should have no opinion regarding the style of the dress, even though she allegedly asked her what she thought of it.