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How Michael Jackson's Kids Walked in on Their Dad Dying

Oyin Balogun
Jun 01, 2019
10:20 A.M.
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Michael Jackson's death remains shrouded in mystery and reports claim that his children, Paris and Prince saw his lifeless body. 


At the time, Paris was only eleven, and her brother, Prince, 12. It is hard to imagine what damage the sick scene would have incurred on such little children. 


It has been over a decade since Michael Jackson's tragic demise in 2009, but he remains a very controversial celebrity. His death is one that has continuously made headlines over time and with the tenth anniversary coming up, old reports are surfacing once again. 

Mark Langthorne and Matt Richards’ book "83 Minutes" vividly details the hours leading up to the legendary singer's death, and they claim that Prince and Paris were present. 

At the time, Jackson's physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was in a frenzy after discovering the singer was unconscious some two hours after he gave him 25mg of Propofol. While Murray and Michael's assistant, Alberto Alvarez tried to resuscitate him, his children watched on in fright. 


According to reports, Paris fell on her knees sobbing as she peeped in to watch her father lay lifeless. The book also stated that Prince stood by his sister at the doorway “gently weeping with a look of shock on his face at seeing his father stricken on the floor.” 

Faheem Muhammad, Jackson's security chief at the time attested to the reports saying:

“Paris was on the ground, balled-up, crying. Prince was standing there. He just had a real shocked, slowly-crying type of look on his face.”


All of Dr. Murray’s efforts to get the children away from the dreadful scene was for naught, and there was no way for them to unsee it. The emergency medical team pronounced their legendary father dead as they moved him to UCLA Medical Center. 

Dr. Murray received backlash at the time, and the court charged him with involuntary manslaughter. Asides the improper use of propofol, authorities alleged that, in his nervous rush, he didn't call for medical attention immediately as he should have but called Alvarez, Jackson’s assistant. 


However, Conrad is not the only that has received backlash, Jackson's chef, Kai Chase also did. Authorities accused her of not following the doctor's instructions to get him a security guard.

In response to Murray's shout:

"get help, get security, get Prince," the chef had only relayed the instructions to Prince before returning to the kitchen.

Dr. Conrad Murray at the Los Angeles Superior Court in California.| Photo: Getty Images.


"I said "Hurry, Dr. Murray needs you. There may be something wrong with your father,” Chase recalled in court. 

The court deemed her actions improper as Prince had only been a child and most probably didn't even understand what was going on. Chase, however, maintained innocence stressing that she did as Conrad instructed.

Although Conrad served two years in jail for the involuntary manslaughter, it can't bring back the legendary entertainer. May his soul continue to rest in peace.