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Matthew Gray Gubler’s Fans Ask Who’s the Man Hiding in the Recycling Bin in a Throwback Photo

Pedro Marrero
May 29, 2019
03:02 A.M.
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“Criminal Mind” fans have put the observation skills they may have acquired from the TV show’s detectives to use when they noticed a couple of visual jokes in a picture to celebrate a milestone episode of the series.


The CBS police procedural drama recently arrived at its 300th episode, amid news of the show’s upcoming ending with season 15, and one of its main stars took to Twitter to mark the special occasion with a touching cast and crew picture.

While the image served as a reminder of all the people who work behind the cameras with this great team of actors and actresses to create an iconic show, it also added some comic relief to balance the emotions about the show’s end.



At first sight, there is nothing strange in the group picture, but some eagle-eyed fans found the visual jokes hiding in plain sight on the image’s upper left area that made them wonder what was going on.

A guy hiding in the office’s recycling bin caught most of the attention of the curious and baffled users who wanted to know who that was and/or what he was doing there.


“Who is hiding in the recycling can?” user Jillian Clare asked in reply to Gray Gubler’s tweet. “So we’re ignoring the fact there’s a person in the trash and possibly a velociraptor?” another fan wondered.

Others focused on another curious character of the snapshot: the levitating man. “The floating guy and the trash can guy,” a user captioned a zoomed-in version of the photo, adding crying-with-laughter emojis.


Another fan has the theory that Gubler might have photoshopped himself in the trashcan, as he is seen in the front of the image along with his co-stars.

“I was like, how is Matthew both in the front and in the trashcan, cuz it seriously looks like him, and feels like him,” user Ayoe Lang wrote, citing Gray Gubler’s famous sense of humor.



Gray Gubler has been very active on Twitter documenting the last behind the scenes moments of the series, provoking mixed emotions in the fans as they try to accept that their favorite show will be over soon.

In a May 8 black-and-white picture of the main cast posing together, Gray Gubler focused on some of the stars’ hands, coming to the conclusion that “we don’t want to let each other go.”


Gray Gubler’s role as Dr. Spencer Reid on “Criminal Minds” is probably the actor’s more recognizable role to date, and after being on the show for so long, he will probably have a hard time separating from the character.



But Gray Gubler is an interesting character on his own right, and he has tried many things in his professional life, from filmmaking to modeling, calling the latter “the craziest thing of all.”


The actor lives in a Pasadena house that he describes as a “haunted treehouse,” completely covered by foliage and with the overall aspect of a medieval castle. It used to be a hotel in the 1920s.

In the home, Gray Gubler keeps his cabinet of curiosities, a collection of items that caught his eye over the years, including silk kimonos, antique shotguns, and a fur coat that once belonged to gothic illustration artist Edward Gorey.