Jill Duggar Meets Sister Jessa’s Newborn Daughter (Photos)

There is no better news than learning about the birth of a new family member, and Jill Duggar knows this by heart as she shares a beautiful picture of her sister's newborn daughter.

It is often said that nephews are like children with whom unconditional love is also practiced and in this case, this affirmation can’t be more accurate. We are talking about co-star of Counting Up, Jill Duggar, who is completely in love with the new member of the clan.

The most recent addition to the family is none other than the newly born daughter of her sister Jessa and her husband Ben. The little baby girl was born on Sunday, May 26, two weeks earlier than planned. She was expected to be born on June 5 and reach 40 weeks like her brothers, Spurgeon and Henry.

However, while the couple was getting ready for the church and for the celebration of Memorial Day, Jessa’s water broke. After three hours of labor, little Ivy Jane came to the world at her own home. She weighed 7 pounds with 14 ounces and 20.5 inches in length.

Jessa said she feels much smaller than her older brothers, who weighed about 9 and 10 pounds each. Jessa and Ben, expected to have a child again and had a wardrobe ready to inherit. However, they were also waiting to learn what was necessary if it turned out to be a girl.

Aunt Jill can't be happier and prouder as shown by the beautiful and tender photographs she shared with all her fans on Instagram yesterday. In one of her pictures, the baby sleeps sweetly in her arms and in another, she is in the arms of her loving father followed by the last one where she appears accompanied by her older brothers.

After the birth of several boys in the Duggar family, the arrival of a little princess is highly anticipated and a source of great satisfaction. Not long ago, the women of the family got together to spend an afternoon chatting and celebrate life.

It was Jill's 28th birthday, when the Duggar girls, sisters-in-law, and Michelle Duggar met to show Jill all their love, filling four tables in a local, according to the photos shared on social media.

As it was a meeting only for girls, there are no photos of Jill's husband, Derick, who sent her a beautiful and tender message celebrating the 5 years they have been together. Jill for her part, thanked him for staying with their two children, Israel and Samuel, so she could be able to spend this special time with her mother, sisters, and in-laws.

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