June 03, 2019

Here Are 3 of the Most Decorated Service Members in American History

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The bravery and courage showed by the service members in the US history cannot be quantified and ranked, but they definitely deserve honorable commemorations.

Every person who has given their blood and sweat, and many times their very lives, for the sake of freedom of the country, is an extraordinary human being and they deserve the highest of respects.

However, many times, we find a few legends in history who stand out even amid all the heroes because of their outstanding commitment to rise above the call of duty.

Veterans of American Legion Post 307 at the new Cumming Regional Readiness Center | Source: Wikimedia Commons


Here are a few of such legends, some of the most decorated service members in the US history, who deserve special mention:


Daly was the winner of several medals and awards for his valorous actions taken on various missions and operations.

Enlisted in the US Marine Corps on January 10, 1899, he earned Medal of Honor two times and was also recommended for a third one. He has also bagged the Navy Cross and Silver Star as well as several other foreign decorations.

Daniel Daly between 1918 and 1937 | Source: Wikimedia Commons


His first Medal of Honor came for his outstanding service and contribution during the Boxer Rebellion in China. He received his second Medal of Honor after he was on reconnaissance in Haiti.


Major Audie Murphy was one of the greatest heroes of the Second World War. For his service, he received the Medal of Honor, a Distinguished Service Cross, two Silver Stars, a Legion of Merit with Combat Valor, and two Bronze Stars with Combat Valor.

Audie Murphy | Source: Wikimedia Commons


Besides these honors in his own country, he also received foreign honors including French Forrager, Legion of Honor, Croix de Guerre with Palm and Silver Star and the Belgian Croix de Guerre with Palm.

In total, he bagged a total of 28 medals for his outstanding bravery and courage during the time of war.

Enlisted in the US Army in 1942, Murphy was at Holtzwihr, France when he and his men were attacked by six German Panzer tanks and 250 infantrymen.

Murphy posing with his medals | Source: Wikimedia Commons


However, Murphy bravely held the attack for an hour by himself while he ordered the rest of his men to return to the safety of the woods. He wounded his leg during the combat.


Colonel Rickenbacker was in the US Army during World War I. With a background as a race car driver, he was initially a driver in the army but was later reassigned to join the Army Air Corps.

In around nine months of his service, Rickenbacker shot down 26 enemy aircraft as the pilot of the US Air Force. He received one Medal of Honor and seven Distinguished Service Crosses for his service.


Then First Lieutenant Edward V. Rickenbacker, near Rembercourt, France. | Source: Wikimedia Commons

He won his Medal of Honor for his bravery shown during combat in 1918. Rickenbacker was alone on a volunteer patrol flight over France when he was attacked by seven German planes.

Although he was outnumbered, Rickenbacker managed to fight off all the enemy aircraft and even shoot down two of them. He also received the French Croix de Guerre medal for this bravery.