Priscilla Presley's Face Looks Barely Recognizable after Plastic Surgery

Comfort Omovre
Jun 04, 2019
08:38 A.M.
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Despite being well over her prime, Priscilla Presley still has a very “youthful” look, but not everyone finds her attractive anymore.  


The actress is now 71 and favorites plastic surgeries going by how she looks now. Unlike other people of her age, Priscilla has a wrinkle-free face, a visible result of plastic surgery.


Priscilla was always a natural beauty; she is, in fact, the only woman recognized as the legal wife of the “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley.

When Presley met her, she was just fourteen, and her dove-like beauty had the world-famous singer acting “awkward and embarrassed" in front of her.


Decades later and Priscilla has lost that virginal beauty she knew. Now, her face looks like it is so stiff, she may not be able to move it! However, in 2008, Priscilla’s representative came forward to clear the air when netizens went abuzz debating whether she indeed had plastic surgery or not.


Her publicist disclosed that she had a botched plastic surgery. Sources report that a Daniel Serrano, an unlicensed doctor, injected the star with "low-grade industrial silicone," which is often used to grease cars.

That doused the debate, but the shade did go on, and netizens took to Twitter to air their opinions. One @ZingyTheRobot tweeted:

“I'm really sorry, I'm sure she's a lovely woman, but I have nightmares after looking at @Cilla_Presley for too long #justsaying # Lorraine.”


Another @Prinzecs said:

“#priscillapresley her face looks like a mask!!! What happened to her so sad.”


There are many more celebrities who have had plastic surgery, but what mainly makes hers a bit disconcerting is how she looks unrecognizable now.

A cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Stephen Mulholland spoke extensively on the possible procedures he can predict the mother of two has undergone. He said:

“Given that she’s not 20 years old anymore, she still looks pretty good. I think what shocks people about these photos is that her cheeks are a little over-augmented, her mouth is a little pulled. She has had a good start but a bad finish.”

He also went on to say that her eyebrows, which once looked terrible now look much “settled” and her eyes look “fairly reasonable.”


He continued by saying:

“It’s really the mid-face (cheeks and nose) and the mouth that makes her look a little harsh and a little plastic.”


Mulholland then continued to detail that the perfect remedy for Priscilla would be for her not to do any other procedures to her mid-face section and also to release any tension pull she's had.

For Priscilla, naturally aging is the one thing to remedy her plastic look. Maybe then, she would look more like the true Norwegian beauty fans loved.

Plastic looks or not, Elvis Presley's fans still adore Priscilla because she spearheaded Elvis Presley Enterprises  (EPE), the company that made Graceland one of the most visited tourist attractions in the United States.