Zach & Tori Roloff Reveal the Possibility of Their Exit from 'Little People, Big World'

Zach Roloff and his wife Tori Roloff have spoken openly about their possible departure from the show 'Little People, Big World' during their appearance on a podcast by Jeremy and Audrey 'Behind the Scenes' on May 30.

Tori commented that it is still fun for her and for Zach to share about their lives and their love story with fans and followers, but they understand Jeremy and Audrey's reasons for leaving the reality TV show.

They said that in the exact moment that they begin to feel under pressure and things become too big to handle it, they will take their time, stop and reconsider what is best for the family. At the moment, fans have nothing to fear since they said they are still having fun.

The couple has won more fans every episode that has been aired now that fans have moved on from the drama around Matt and Amy’s divorce and the exit of Jeremy and Audrey from the series. Especially since the birth of their little son Jackson, who has dwarfism like his father and his grandparents.

Tori and Zach’s relationship also draws the attention of fans, they have followed step by step their commitment, wedding, pregnancy, and the birth of their firstborn. Recently, fans are really excited since the announcement that Jackson will be a big brother.

The couple has shared that they want to have more children, and they’re even thinking about having a big family; with five or maybe six children. They have not planned it yet, but they are happy to be expecting a little girl for November.

And although the two-year-old boy has them chasing after him and learning how to be good parents, their relationship has grown and looks stronger every day. They have commented that they don’t neglect the small details in their relationship, like having time for dating nights to keep the romance alive.

On other occasions, Tori and Zach have talked about leaving the series. Before having Jackson, Tori could not imagine for a moment that she would raise a baby in front of the cameras exposing his first years to the public scrutiny.

However, little Jackson seems to have adapted very well to the situation and so far, he interacts naturally with the team and tolerates very well the attention he receives from everyone.

With Jeremy and Audrey on tour promoting his book “Love Letter to Life”, their eventual presence in the series is not ruled out. They have remained quite active in their social media, sharing details of their new adventure as a family.

It seems that Zach, Tori and little Jackson are not going anywhere at the moment and fans can enjoy the advance of Tori's pregnancy and the birth of the new baby girl that will soon be welcomed in the Roloff family. Great things remain to be seen in the life of this little but big family.

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