Lee Daniels Confirms Jussie Smollett 'Will Not Be Returning to 'Empire''

Monica Otayza
Jun 05, 2019
10:37 A.M.
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Lee Daniels made sure to slam rumors that Jussie Smollett is getting a comeback in his hit show "Empire," amid his hate crime scandal that has been plaguing his name. 


Variety reported that writers are integrating Jussie into the season six storylines, and Lee Daniels, co-creator of "Empire," has decided to let everyone know that this story was false. Seeing the tweet of the new article, he replied to it directly, saying: 

"@Variety @JoeOtterson This is not factual. Jussie will NOT be returning to Empire. -LD"

Goodbye "Empire"

Jussie Smollett's non-return to "Empire" is due to the on-going probe on the hate crime against him that was ultimately overturned, making him the primary suspect for his own case. 


Recently, the Chicago Police Department released hundreds of pages worth of court documents regarding the Jussie Smollett case after the seal was lifted. Now, people are able to probe the case on their own, alongside the ongoing federal case against him.

Almost 500 pages of documents were released last week which reveal more detail in the case that ended in controversy after prosecutors dropped all charges against Smollett for falsely reporting himself as a victim of hate crime. 

Unsealing the Documents

A Cook County judge lifted the seal on Smollet's court records, which his attorney appealed for them to be sealed back in March, around the same time that his charges were dropped. 


The seal was granted before due to its content being subject to public records requests, but now they see no need to seal it. Prosecutors are also expected to release internal documents in the next couple of days. 


The documents released showed that Jussie had previous communication with the two brothers who appeared to be the first "suspects" in the hate crime.

Crucial Phone Exchanges

Phone and financial records revealed that they were in contact because of drugs, which they covered up as "training." Physical training was the same excuse that Jussie had for his previous transaction with the brothers, which was uncovered by the police earlier in the case. A check totaling to $3500 was made to the brothers to allegedly help him stage the attack, which they pegged as a fitness training payment. 


Other documents showed Jussie's hesitation to participate in the investigation, particularly when he was asked to turn over his phone records and have a medical examination. 

With all the new details on his case, Jussie has remained mum about them all, and out of sight from the public.