Marie Osmond Cried When She Learned Her Oldest Daughter Jessica Was Gay

Comfort Omovre
Jun 08, 2019
02:28 P.M.
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Marie Osmond revealed that she was quite disturbed when she became aware of her daughter’s sexuality.


The celebrity TV host sat with “Fox News” in an interview where she talked about her book “The Key is Love.” 


In the book, Marie Osmond bares it all while centering on the devastating death of her 18-year-old son, Michael, who committed suicide, paying tribute to her mom, and coming to terms with her daughter’s sexuality.

When asked about life after Michael’s passing, Marie revealed that she couldn’t possibly get over her son’s death. The “Donny & Marie Show” Star included that her family still grieves over her son.

Osmond while referring to contents from her book said:

“There is no closure and how can there be in a case like that when you can’t ask why. I feel like the message of the book is not to block your intuition. Never be too busy to listen to your instinctive feelings when something feels wrong. You need to get there.”


Marie who returned to work a few weeks after her son’s death faced heavy criticism but the “Paper Roses” crooner explained that she was basically trying to help her family move on.


Michael’s death dealt a blow to Marie’s family and she just wanted them to be strong but always keep their brother’s memories close to their hearts.

Osmond went on to discuss another major theme in “The Key is Love,” which centers around her mom. The 59-year-old entertainer couldn’t help but shower words of appreciation on the older Osmond making it known that her mother was a driving force behind her success. Marie explained that her mom had instilled hard work and family values into her.

Marie’s mom made sure to prevent the former child star from letting the spotlight get into her head. Osmond recounted:

“I could have grown up to be a jerk. We had the number one show, dubbed into 17 languages and we worked with everyone. I’d come home and say, “Mom, I’ve been working all day” and she’d say, “No you haven’t. You’ve been enjoying your life.”


Adding that she also passed down such discipline to her children, especially the girls.


In her string of emotional talk, Marie further opened up about her gay daughter, Jessica. Osmond stated that although she accepted her daughter, and even helped Jessica through, she couldn’t help shedding tears as she thought about the struggles Jessica might encounter while coming to terms with her sexuality.

Osmond once again went under fire over accepting Jessica’s sexuality as opposed to her Mormon beliefs and doctrines. The celebrity declared that her religion preached love as she made a reference to Christ who “loved all.”

The multi-talented star fails to be deterred by life's challenges as she forges on while giving Jessica full support.